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Only doing math problems i would think. it wuz just a box with a bunch of red lights.

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Q: What were the features of the first computer?
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What are the fifteen features of first generation computer?

What are the features of first generation computer

Features of a computer network?

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What new features that the first Apple Macintosh computer introduced to the general public in 1984?


Was Z1 thought to be the first computer to include features integral to todays systems?


Features of computer virus?

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Features of computer telephony integration?

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What are the features of microcomputers?

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What year did the first computer create?

The varying definitions of the word computer make it difficult to decide when the first computer was created. Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine, which is said have born most features of a modern computer, was created in 1837.

What are the features of a computer monitor?

Input, Storage, Processing, and Output.

How old was the first person to make the first computer?

There is endless dispute as to who made the first computer, most of it arising from different ideas of what features a machine must have to be considered a "computer". There are many different devices that have been called the "first computer", so it is impossible to identify a single individual who was the first person to make one.

What five features of a computer such as its physical size?

Some features of a computer are computer speed, storage capacity, productivity, and processor speed. These are basic functions a computer has.

What the name of the first personal computer?

The first personal computer was the P6060, built in 1975 by Olivetti. The P6060 had, among other features, 48 KB of RAM and floppy disk drives.

What are Features of computer software?

Some of the features of Computer software are: Portability Flexibility Robust Wide Acceptability

Who manufactured the first computer?

Because many devices in the history of computers are regarded as 'the first computer', there are several individuals who are credited with manufacturing the first one. The Analytical Engine, which is said have born most features of a modern computer, was manufactured in 1837 by Charles Babbage.

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How do you explain features of computer?

When you describe the features of a computer you can explain what each component does. You want to make sure you are descriptive.

What are the general features of a computer desktop?

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Features of 4th generation computers?

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What are some of the features of the computer program Movie Lab?

There are wide array of features which are included in the computer program Movie Lab. Some of the features include detailed editing of video clips and many other features.

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What features make a computer an excellent tool for data processing?

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What are special features of Windows XP Embedded?

A great special features of the Windows XP Embedded computer is a larger font so that you can watch TV on your computer. There are many other features that make the computer catered to watch television on.

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