What were the feelings of the Vietnam War?

The feelings of the Vietnam war was that either you was for it or against it.The U.S. was extremely divided during the Vietnam War ,which lead to each side going head to head with each other. Men who were against the war burned their draft cards,and either went to jail or moved to Canada.Those who were brought up in wealthy families"payed government officials" not to be sent to the jungles and rice-paddies of Vietnam.Most protestors were also Vietnam vets themselves, who already spent "time in hell "chasing after "Charlie" in the jungles and villages of South Vietnam.These protestors called the returning Vietnam vets "baby killers" and murderers, spitting on the 'Nam vets and throwing various items at them.Most protestors were sent to Vietnam,but refused to either carry a weapon or even fight during an enemy ambushor during a major offensive.Most conscenscious objectors even turned to drugs during the war(which killed more U.S. servicemen than booby-trapsand enemy fire combined).They used Marijuana,cocaine,herion,LSD,sugar cubes with acid on it ,etc. .Then there were those who thought if we did not stop the spread of international Communism in Vietnam,it would spread all over the world.