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== == * It was a jungle war and they battled snakes, leaches, mosquitoes, etc. There were booby traps everywhere (nasty ones) and they were not prepared for how smart the Vietcong were. There was dysentery, fevers, snake bites, "jungle rot" on various parts of the body, especially the feet. The Vietcong traveled light and quiet and snipers were hard to spot and difficult to destroy by the Americans. A Vietnam vet told me that it took them some time to figure out how some of the Vietcong could track them and it was because of what the American rations were made out of and of course when they had to have bowel movements the Vietcong traced them this way. Americans began to change their diet to rice, fish, etc. One would never think of such a thing. Fighting any war on the enemies turf is always more difficult. Many of the Vietcong lived underground in tunnels that went for miles. Often the American soldiers would have to try to smoke them out and then go after them and this was an extremely dangerous practice. The Vietcong hid behind innocent villagers and therefore the Americans had no choice but to kill innocent women, children and the elderly. American soldiers fought in mud, tropical rains, blazing heat. They had to battle the "red rain" (Agent Orange) and there was also Agent White. They had some entertainment, but not as much as one would think. Drinking and drugs became a way of life for them to survive the horrors of the war and to try and forget. Many soldiers were highly addicted to morphine because they had been wounded and were not weaned off morphine properly (doctors had terrible conditions to work in as they called it "butcher shop surgery.") * The sad thing about this war is the fact the United States should never have entered into it (Most Vietnam Vets will be the first to agree) and while the American troops were over there fighting for their country (their government lying to them) not to mention the soldiers knowing nothing about the "movement" anti war protesters. American casualties were higher than the U.S. government would have the public believe. Also, when the war ended soldiers not only came back crippled, but were spat at and called baby killers. It was difficult for them to find jobs and to adjust to civilian life again. It was a shock to them and that coupled with the horrors of what they had to endure caused an influx of a high suicide rate among the Vietnam vets. They not only came back without limbs and broken bodies, but broken minds. To this day they still struggle to survive and some are still seeking counseling to try to wipe out the horrors of this useless war. * I visited Oregon and was shocked when I went to a war museum that all wars previously were shown with the exception of the Vietnam War. I talked to the Curator of the museum and they were embarrassed. I was furious and as far as I am concerned these men and women went over to a war they were told was necessary and they fought and lost their lives bravely. They deserved better!

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Q: What were the fighting and living conditions like in the Vietnam War?
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