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What were the first cleets?

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they were called ㄹ호ㅓㅓㅏㅣ

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What rhymes with cleets?


What kinds of shoe does a football player wear?


What is needed to play football?

everything like soccer no a football helmet, a practice jersey and a game jersey, football cleets, mouth guard, and sometimes replacements for the cleets

What kind of shoes do base ballplayers wear?

they wear cleets.

Can you wear soccer cleats for field hockey?

yes, you can. its probably better to wear them then any other cleets. soccer cleets are made for running constantly, which suits field hockey well.

What kind of shoes does a football player wear on the football field?


What sport shoe has the best grip?

propably cleets the grip well

What to bring to a soccer game?

- Your uniform - Soccer Socks - Cleets - Shin Guards - Water

Equipments in baseball?

gloves, bats, balls, catchers equipment, cleets, uniforms, bases, protector, and more.

What equipment do you need to play lacrosse?

You will need elbow pads, gloves, shoulder pads, a helmet, a mouthguard, a stick, gloves and cleets

What equipment do you need for football?

you need a cup, helmet, shoulder pads, knee pads, cleets, jersey, mouthpiece, by, nasir smith

What are things used in a soccer game?

cleets, shin guards, knee high socks, jerseys. shorts, and of course, a soccer ball.

Did any football team ever get banned from world cup?

Germany and India. India for not willing to play soccer with shoes/cleets.

What do you use in playing baseball?

Batting hats, batting gloves, cleets, jerseys (shirts/pants), and regular team caps and gloves for defense.

Why the orange heels on the nike cleets in the wk 2010?

helps aid your teammates visual acuity in order to more easily identify you in their peripheral vision.

What cleats can be used in the juniors league?

When you get to the junior league in most places you will mostly be allowed to use metals cleets. This is usually around Austin, Texas and other places like that.

What are ten different types of shoes?

combat boots, converse, flip flops, cleets, prada, rain boots, vans, gel shoes, tap shoes, clown shoes.

Where do you get baseball boots from?

their actually called "cleets" and you can get them at well-known sports stors. such as Big 5 or Sports Authority. I recomend Sports Authority because they have a big selection of sports shoes

What kinds of shoes are the worst to wear in a marathon?

The worst types of shoes to wear in a marathon would be high heels, sandals ( like flip- flops), boots, dress shoes, sport shoes (like golf shoes or cleets).

Should you play baseball this year or hang up the cleets?

Do you love playing baseball? -> then play Do you feel a NEED to play baseball? -> then play Does your health allow you to play baseball safely? -> then play Do you have enough time to play baseball? -> then play

What is a good boot for touch football?

a shoe because it is realy handy and make sure that you football boots have cleets on the bottom to maximise damage to oponents face. put dog foul on nthe bottom to give the guy face infection and face amputation

What is the epuipment used for in softball?

the equipment used in softball is a mitt is used to catch the ball, the bat is used to hit the ball, the bases are to run and be called safe or out, the helmet is to protect your head, the mouth guard is to protect your face if you were to have braces!, the cleets are used to run and run faster!, the bag is to keep your stuff in!

What actors and actresses appeared in You Snooze You Lose - 1995?

The cast of You Snooze You Lose - 1995 includes: Guy Fadollone as Bully Jamie Farr as Dr. Hanley Giovanni Francioso as Cleets Julie Gerisch as Bank Patron Darrel Guilbeau as Johnathon Snazowski Jay Richardson as Mr. Snazowski Johanna Watson as Pursey

Why are soccer boots made of plastic?

Four of my kids have played soccer, we have NEVER gotten them plastic soccer cleets. Only the cheap ones are made of plastic, the nice ones are leather. It depends on the price and brand. If you want shoes that will last longer, go with leather. If you don't care, go with plastic. I would ALWAYS say leather though, it's just better.

Why do cheetahs run so fast?

CheetahsOn the Savannah where they live you could say it's fast food country. Their favorite prey is the gazelle and wild boar and these guys can run. Other cats have developed in a Clan society so they can gang up on their prey or set traps. The cheetah is strictly a loner so they have had to evolve into very fast runners to succeed.The cheetahs have adapted claws that are always extended. These extended claws are like cleets, they dig into the ground for that extra boost.

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