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What were the first instruments ever made?


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its the one and only drums or a percussion instrument.


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Woodwind instruments were in use by the 1300's.

Thousands of years ago they used percussion instruments at first, which was rocks or almost anything they could find.

The first musical instruments should be the Bianzhong, which were made of bronze. Later on, there were instruments made of wood, bamboo, animal skins, etc.

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No. The first known instruments are flutes made of bone.

Small hand drums were the first musical instruments ever made. They date back to the prehistoric era. Yes, cavemen played drums.

The Greek made their music using simple instruments and their own voices. These instruments included the ever popular lyre for example.

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Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone in the 1840's. He was looking to create an instrument with the power of brass instruments, but with the musical facility of the reed instruments. His first instruments were made of brass, just like the ophecleide (a bass cup-mouthpiece instrument which he also made.) So in essence, the modern saxophone is made of the same material that the first ones were made from.

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