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two hundred

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What year was the b52 bomber introduced?

The B-52 entered service with USAF bomber squadrons in 1955.

When was the Vulcan bomber first in service?

The Vulcan entered service with bomber squadrons in July 1957, although it had been flying in the test and training role before that.

Why was the us victory at the Battle of Midway significant?

The US victory at Midway was significant because it was the first ever major naval battle which Japan lost. That meant a lot. It also meant the loss of 4 veteran aircraft carriers. Japan's aircraft squadrons were permanently allocated to their carriers in which they had trained and fought for almost 5 years. The US Navy, on the other hand, regularly moved squadrons from one carrier to another and even moved pilots from fighter to bomber squadrons and back again. Japan did not have the capacity or the time to train new squadrons, build new carriers and combine them into a fighting force.

What would win in a battle the b25 bomber or the b29 bomber?

It all depends on the pilot's instincts and control

What is the Bomber Commands significance to Canada?

Bomber Command's significance to Canada was that many of the aircrew were Canadian. As well as Canadians in RAF uniform, the 15 Squadrons of 6 Group, RCAF were all Canadian, and flew over 40,800 missions in WW2.

Was the Lancaster Bomber in the Battle of Britain?

No. The Battle of Britain was a defensive air battle, and the RAF fought the Luftwaffe with fighter aeroplanes. The Lancaster was a four-engined bomber which didn't come into service until after the BofB.

Who was John S Mills?

A highly decorated major general who served in the Pacific Campaign (for the US) during the Second World War in both the 11th and 28th Bomber Squadrons.

What is the color of the B - 2 bomber?

what happened in the battle of briatin

What was the significance of the Battle of Midway to the war in the pacific during World War 2?

Wiped out the IJN's cream of the crop in Torpedo Bomber, Dive Bomber, and fighter aircrewmen.

The naval battle in the pacific where the strength of the Japanese navy was destroyed was the battle of what?

Their best torpedo & dive bomber pilots and aircrewmen were lost at Midway.

Did the schnellbomber take part in the battle of Britain?

Yes the schnellbomber, a high speed bomber aircraft, developed by the Germans was used in the battle of Britain.

How did Germany attack Great Britain in the Battle of Britain?

With fighter and bomber aircraft. The Battle of Britain was fought entirely in the skies over Southern England.

Did Tuskegee Airmen ever lose a man?

Yes they did, it is an utter and total BS myth that they did not lose a single bomber, there loses were among the lowest of any fighter squadrons. But it is debatable if it was more skill or the equipment i.e P51 Mustang

What was the impact on the war on the Battle of Midway?

Japan just lost four aircraft carriers with some of the best carrier dive bomber, torpedo bomber, and fighter airmen in the world. They could not be replaced (in time).

Ehat were the affects of the Battle of Midway?

In 1942, Japan's loss of over 500 of the best trained and experienced NAVAL torpedo bomber, dive bomber, and fighter airmen in the world. A loss that they would not recover from.

What is the duration of X-Bomber?

The duration of X-Bomber is -1560.0 seconds.

How many bombs could a German bomber hold?

Its dependes on by bomber, the average German bomber can hold 100 to 200 bomber.

What airplanes did they use in the battle of Britain?

The (British) RAF used the Hawker Hurricane and Super-marine Spitfire.The (German) Luftwaffe used the Heinkel HE-111 twin engined bomber, the ME-BF110 heavy twin engine fighter, the ME-109 fighter, D0-17 light bomber & the JU-52 "Stuka" dive bomber

How do you spell bomber?

Bomber is the correct spelling.

When was Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury born?

Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury was born in 1974.

What was the German bomber called?

There was the Junkers Ju 87 dive-bomber or Stuka (from Sturzkampfflugzeug, "dive bomber") , Heinkel He 111 ,Bombers and ground attack :Arado Ar 234 Blitz, jet bomberBlohm & Voss Ha 140 torpedo bomber flying-boat (prototype)Dornier Do 11, (Do F) 1931 medium bomberDornier Do 13, 1933 medium bomber (prototype)Dornier Do 17, Fliegender Bleistift, mail-plane/bomber/reconnaissance/night-fighterDornier Do 18, 1935 bomber/reconnaissance flying-boatDornier Do 19, Ural Bomber design competitor (prototype)Dornier Do 22, torpedo bomber/maritime reconnaissanceDornier Do 23, medium bomberDornier Do 215, bomber/night-fighterDornier Do 217, bomber/night-fighterDornier Do 317, Bomber B design competitor (prototype)Fieseler Fi 98, 1936 biplane ground attack (prototype)Fieseler Fi 167, ship-borne torpedo bomber biplaneFocke-Wulf Fw 191, Bomber B design competitor (prototype)Heinkel He 45, bomber/trainerHeinkel He 50, reconnaissance/dive bomber biplaneHeinkel He 111, primary medium bomber in serviceHeinkel He 177 Greif, only operational long-range heavy bomber of the LuftwaffeHeinkel He 274, high-altitude bomber (prototypes completed by French)Heinkel He 277 never-built Amerika Bomber, heavy bomber (project)Heinkel He 343, never-built jet bomber (project)Henschel Hs 123, ground-attack biplaneHenschel Hs 127, bomber (prototype)Henschel Hs 128, high altitude reconnaissance bomber (prototype)Henschel Hs 129, ground-attackHenschel Hs 130, high altitude reconnaissance bomber and Bomber B design competitor (prototype)Henschel Hs 132, jet dive bomber (prototype)Junkers Ju 86, bomber reconnaissanceJunkers Ju 87 Stuka, dive-bomberJunkers Ju 88, bomber/reconnaissance/night-fighterJunkers Ju 89, Ural Bomber design competitor (prototype)Junkers Ju 90, bomber (prototype)Junkers Ju 187, dive bomber (prototype)Junkers Ju 188 Rächer, bomberJunkers Ju 287, heavy jet bomber (prototype)Junkers Ju 288, Bomber B design competitor (prototype)Junkers Ju 290, long-range bomber (prototype)Junkers Ju 390 Amerika Bomber, heavy bomber (prototype)Junkers Ju 488, heavy bomber (project)Junkers EF 132, heavy bomber (project)Messerschmitt Bf 162, bomber (prototype)Messerschmitt Me 264 Amerika Bomber, heavy bomber (prototype)

What is the French word for Bomber?

bomber = le bombardier

Commander-in-chief nickname the bomber?

Arthur 'Bomber' Harris. Chief of Bomber command RAF in WW2.

Who invented the stealth bomber?

The Germans invented the stealth bomber

Who is the bomber pilot in catch 22?

Orr is the bomber pilot