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The four allied powers before the United States joined the war included the Russian Empire and French Republic. The allied powers also included Italy and the British Empire.

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What were the four allied powers?

In WW II the four allied powers were Britain, France, Russia, and the US.

Who were the 4 allied powers in world war 1?

The four Allied Powers were Britain, France, Russia and Italy

The four powers that divided and occupied Germany?

After World War II was over, the Allied troops occupied Germany and divided it into four sections, each one controlled by one of the four powers. The four Allied powers were the USA, the USSR, Britain, and France.

Who were the big Four of World War II?

The Big Four were the major countries of the Allied Powers: US, Britian, France and Russia.

What were the four main allied powers of World War 1?

U.S. , Russia , France and I think the British...

Who ruled after Hitler?

Under JCS 1067, The Commanders in Chief of the four Allied powers that occupied Germany after 1945.

Who were four Allied Powers and leaders of two countries in World War 1?

the usa Britain and soviot union

What are the four big allied powers in World War 2?

The United States, The Soviet Union, The UK, and Canada

Which four countries made up the allies?

During World War 2, there were thirty-two official countries listed as the Allied Powers. The chief Allied Powers were Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, the United States and China.

What did Gary Powers do?

four hours after Powers entered Soviet airspace, a Soviet pilot shot down his plane, and Powers was forced to parachute into Soviet-controlled territory. The Soviets sentenced Powers to ten years in prison.

What important condition concerning Germany's fate was decided at the end of the war?

Germany would be controlled by four of the allied powers.

How did the Allies push back the Axis powers on four fronts?

From chacha."The allies were able to push back the axis powers when they regained military superiority when the U.S. entered the War. ChaCha!"

What important condition concerning germanys fate was decided at the end of the war?

Germany would be controlled by four of the allied powers ----Danielle buff

Was Germany divided into four zones and controlled by a different Allied country?

Yes. Germany was split up by the four major Allied Powers; the U.S., France, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union; at the end of the Second World War. Berlin was also split up by the four major Aliied Powers.Here is a link to a picture of the occupied zones:

What were the six central powers in World War I?

There were only four countries allied as the Central Powers in World War 1. They were:The German empireThe Austro-Hungarian EmpireThe Ottoman EmpireThe Kingdom of Bulgaria

What city was divided into four different sections?

Immediately after WWII, the German capitol of Berlin was divided into four sectors, each occupied by one of the four major allied powers (the Soviet Union, the United States, the United Kingdom and France).

What was formed by the leaders of the big four without any input from leaders of the smalled allied powers or of the defeated nations?

It was the Treaty of Versailles. Also YOR MUM bi's

Did the allied powers of World War 1 gain land?

There are four main countries in the allied powers: Britain, France, USA and Italy. Almost all of them gained land except for Italy. Italy was invited by Britain and France to join WWI and was promised land for reward. However, After WWI, Italy did not gain all the land promised.

What four countries controlled the zones in Berlin?

Following the end of World War II, Berlin was divided into four sectors, each controlled by one of the Allied powers: the United States, Great Britain, the Soviet Union and France.

Four major allied powers of World War 2?

The United States of America Great Britain (England) Soviet Union (Russia) China (Both Communist/Democratic parties)

After World War 2 which country in Europe was divided into sectors controlled by France Britain USA and Soviet Union?

Germany was divided into four zones and Berlin into four sectors controlled by the four main Allied powers in Europe. the 4 allies were france, GB, USA and USSR

How many states entered the Union in 1889?


What actors and actresses appeared in Four Men Entered the Grove - 1998?

The cast of Four Men Entered the Grove - 1998 includes: Shirly Brener as Karen

Nickname for leaders of china russia Great Britain and US?

The leaders of China, Russia, Great Britain, and the United States were known as the Big Four. They were the largest players in the Allied Powers during World War II.

Who were the four Allied Power countries?

The USA, UK, France and USSR.

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