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What were the gifts that the three shepherds gave to Jesus?

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First it wasn't three shepherds. The Bible says astrologers from the East. It doesn't give a specific number. The gifts listed in the Bible are gold, frankincense, and myrrh. See Matthew 2: 1-11

Answer (Extension/Correction to Previous Answer)The Bible doesn't refer to these gentlemen as "astrologers", in Matthew 2:7, it states, Then Herod, when he had privily called the "wise men", acquired them diligently what time the star appeared."

Yes, in todays time we would probably call them astrologers, however, in the New Testament they are referred to as "Wise Men"

actually the King James version translates the word "Magi" as "wise men." The Greek word "magi" is the word from which we get the word "magic." These men were magic practitioners, fortune tellers, or astrologers. To some, including Herod, who was a Pagan, bent on destroying Jesus, they may seem like "wise men," but to Christians, they are anything but that. Interesting to note, too, that since travel was very slow in those days, these men could not have reached Jesus on the night of his birth. Consider that Jesus was born, then the star appeared, led the men many miles away to Herod, then to Jesus, many more miles away. Historians believe these men came from the area now known as Iraq. This would have taken many, many months. That is why the bible refers to Jesus as a "young child" living in a "house" by the time these men got to him. (Matt Ch 2) The subsequent actions of Herod, after consulting the priests, and ordering the murder of all children under 2 years of age, indicates that Jesus could have been as much as 2 years old when the magi got to him. Just a little food for thought on this. This is my first time seeing the above posts. The Bible (at least, as translated into King James English), called them "wise men," however the "wise men" of Jesus' day WERE probably astrologers. Check out the History Channel whenever they have their "Bible weeks" etc. It's really cool stuff! I've seen them potentially trace the "wise men's" path as they headed to Bethlehem, including where they probably picked up the Frankincense & Myrrh. The shepherds visited Jesus as well, but did not bring gifts. The visit of the shepherds was supposed to demonstrate how Jesus came for everybody, not just the rich, and also to amplify the message that Jesus himself was a shepherd and that we were his flock.

The wise men were interested in the geological phenomenon surrounding Christ's birth, the date of which is largely unknown and highly disputed, they brought gifts of gold ( to show Jesus' "kingly" status ) frankincense ( expensive oil to show religious significance ) and myrrh ( to show Jesus was going to die in an important way, as you put myrrh on dead bodies to hide the smell )

The WISE MEN brought Jesus Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. You can find the story of Jesus' birth in the New Testament, Matthew 1:18-25.

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Giftfs from three Shepherds to baby Jesus?

The shepherds did not give Jesus gifts. The wise men from the east gave Jesus gifts of gold, frankincence, and myrrh. He was about two years old when they came.

Who gave jesus gifts when he was born?

The three wise men.

What is myrth?

its one of the gifts the three kings gave to jesus when he was born.

What were the gifts the three wise men gave to baby Jesus?

The three wise men gave baby Jesus the gifts of frankencense, gold, and myrrh. The three wise men found Baby Jesus by traveling from the east, following a bright star in the sky.

What are the three girts the wise men gave Jesus?

I think you ment gifts. The Wisemen gave Jesus gold,frankIncense, and myrrH.

What do Christmas celebrate?

The birth of baby Jesus and the three men who gave him gifts Jesus was born in a manger

Did anyone else give gifts to baby Jesus?

No the bible says only that the three wise men gave gifts.

What did frankincence represent?

frankinscense represents the three gifts the kings gave baby jesus

Why are presents associated with Christmas?

Because when Jesus was born, the three wise men gave him gifts. Yea the answer above is correct the three wise men brought Jesus gifts the night of his birth

What roll did play in welcoming Jesus?

the three wise men gave him three gifts gold,frankinsence and myre

What were the three gifts the disciples gave Jesus?

frankincense, myrrh, and gold. you can find it in Matthew 2:11

In the Bible what are the gifts of the magi?

In the bible the three wisemen or magi gave Jesus gifts of gold , myrh and frankincence.third person omniscent view

Who gave gold to Jesus?

The three kings, or wise men, brought the baby Jesus gold as a gift. They also brought him gifts of frankincense and myrrh.

Did the shepherds give Jesus any gifts?

There is no scriptural reference of the shepherds giving any worldly gifts. They gave Him something much more precious, and that was their recognition that he was someone special. They even left their sheep to go and see Him. They took notice of what the angel said to them and did not shrug it off as not really have happened. They even knelt before Him and worshipped Him.

What did the shepherds give Jesus?

The shepherds didn't give Jesus anything. But, some people say that Mary and Joseph used a baby lamb to warm Jesus that night, since it was cold.

Why are gifts exchanged on Christmas?

Gift are exchanged on Christmas because the Three Wise Men gave gifts of frankincense, myrrh and gold to the baby Jesus on Christmas day when he was born.

Who first started Christmas gifts?

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and so it was God who gave us Jesus as the first Christmas gift. The 3 Wise men from the East brought gifts for Jesus and so they were the first people who gave Christmas gifts.

Why do you celebrate epiphany?

It is the day the magi gave their gifts to the child Christ, or baby Jesus, as some would have it. Epiphany is celebrating the three wise men's adoration of Jesus.

Why do you give gifts to each other at Christmas?

you give people gifts because the wise men gave gifts to Jesus

Which order did the three wise men visit Jesus?

In Matt 2 : 11 , they were together when they gave the gifts. But to say who was first, was not recorded.

What were the presents of the three gifts of the three kings?

The three kings gave three gifts to the baby, they were gold, myrrh and frankincense.

Why did Jesus give spiritual gifts to peter and the apostles?

The Lord Jesus gave spiritual gifts to his disciples to enable them be effective withnesses. Acts 1,8

Why do people get Christmas presents at Christmas?

When Jesus was born they gave him gifts

Who gave gifts to Jesus when he was a young child?

3 wise men.

Who gave Jesus which three gifts?

No one knows. The Bible says that it was wise men bearing three gifts. 1) Gold 2) Frankincense 3) Myrrh. (pronounced: mer) There was never any mention of there being "three wise men". It was mentioned that the wise men brought "three gifts". For all we know, there could have been 10 wise men with three gifts.