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The hammer and sickle were used in the middle ages for a variety of different tasks. Both items were used to pound things into the ground and to cut grain.


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The hammer and sickle symbol was created during the Russian Revolution in a contest held to create a Soviet emblem. The hammer and sickle signifies the socialist alliance of the industrial working class and the peasants. Yevgeny Ivanovich Kamzolkin won the contest with his entry:

It was not worn in the Middle Ages.

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They are in the shape of a sickle. A sickle is a hand held curved blade, sharp on the inside edge, used for cutting crops. (See hammer and Sickle in the old USSR flag). Why they are in the shape of the sickle, is probably due to their chemical makeup and crystal structure.

The middle ages are not called the medieval ages. The word medieval is an adjective that means "related to the middle ages." Sometimes we used "medieval period" as the same as "middle ages."

Castles in the Middle Ages were used to keep out enemies.

Salt and pepper used in the middle ages to preserve food

people in the middle ages used letters or talking to face to face

because they used wood smoke as a deorderant in the middle ages

It was used for communication for talking with other poeple.

None. The symbol didn't even exist until the twentieth century.

People used sundials in the Middle Ages. You can read more about it at the Related Link. Clocks were invented during the Middle Ages, so there were a few, at least.

People in the middle ages

Yes, polyphony was used during the Middle Ages. We do not have any real idea of when polyphony was introduced, but the earliest texts describing it date to the Early Middle Ages. By the end of the Middle Ages, it was highly developed. There is a link below to an article on polyphony, beginning at the section on its origins.

It was used in the middle ages by monks!

They were used for hunting and for the sports.

In the middle ages, there was a dedicated local judiciary body to do the same.

there were all kind of armor and weapons that the people used in the middle ages high hall's and gun's

weapons were used in the middle ages for war and sometimes hunting. the most popular weapons wer the crossbow and the long swords.

Paper wasn't really used in the middle ages, scribes worte using velum, which would be made from sheep skin.

An archer in the Middle Ages can either refer to an Englishman who used a warbow or a crossbowman who used a crossbow. It was a man who shot arrows or quarrels

Some tools they used were: A hammer A square A chisel Adze axe saw clamps scythe sickle spike roller

The predominant staircase design in the Middle Ages was the spiral design for stairs. Spiral stairs were used from the medieval ages and are still used in many modern houses.

asthma theyroha is a type of medicine they used in the middle ages if some one had asthma.

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