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Physical abuse, unsafe working conditions, disease and starvation.

Alochlic family members, lived in a trailor and was treated like plain old crap

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Q: What were the hardships the Jews went through?
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Are the hardships that Father Junipero Serra and Gaspar de Portola went through the same type of hardships that you would go through today?


What happen to the Jews in Czech?

They went through what all of the other Jews went through; discrimination, deportation, and death.

What hardships John Cabot go through on his voyages?

Storms, lack of food and water were some of the hardships John Cabot went through on his voyages

Why did the Underground Railroad exist?

to help slaves escspe the hardships they went through on the platation

What was some of the hardships Sir Alexander Mackenzie went through?

they all died hoplesly

What were hardships that Obama went through?

his parents separation fathering leaving him, him being bi racial

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He started two companies that went bankrupt before he successfully invented the Ford Motor Company.

What were the hardships that Pocahontas went through?

as she and her family prepared to return home to Virginia in 1617 pocahontas became ill and died.

How were Jews captured?

When the Nazis went through each Germans house to check. If they found out that there were Jews in the Germans house hiding, they were killed.

What do you know about ''Night'' by Elie Wiesel?

it's talking about how the holocaust was for him and what Jews went through and also his family and all the torture he went through and it's deep

Were there any hardships that Thomas Jefferson went through during his presidency?

his wife died when he was only 39 years old What does he have to complain about he was rich and he SUCKS!

What hardships did Franklin D Roosevelt go though?

One of the main hardships FDR went though when he was president was The Great Depression.

How were the experiences of African Americans reflected by the writers of the Harlem Renaissance?

the harlem renaissance was filled with creative writers and these writing were reflected by explaining the hardships of the native americans. what they went through is showed through these writings.

Why were the Jews blamed for the hardships Germans were experiencing during Hitlers reign?

Hitler used the Jews as scape goats for all Germany's problems.

What hardships did Paul McCartney ever face?

Staying Married. No, Maybe a little later in his life, but he stayed very faithful to Linda McCartney who sadly died in 1998 because of breast cancer. If she had not died, they would probably be married. (Thats in my opinion) He went through about any hardship there is. Famous Hardships Family Hardships Death Hardships and Any Other Hardship you can think of. Like any person, no one is perfect and everyone goes through bumpy oceans sometimes.

Which Jews went to Auschwitz?

Mostly, Polish Jews. ----------------------------------------- By 1943 Auschwitz was the only extermination centre, so all Jews who were set for extermination went there, for example the Hungarian Jews.

Who went to Auschwitz camp?

Mostly Jews and Polish Jews

What hardships did Jews face when they became refugees?

They had problems in finding food and shelter, and income to fund them.

What were some hardships Members of Congress faced during the revolutionary war?

the hardships that the members of congress went through were as follows: 1. the veiws on slavery betweent the south and the north were being negotiated 2. the writing of the declaration was done 3. and the choosing a commander for the continental Army.

Did rebecca cole go through any hardships?

Since Rebecca Cole was an African American woman living in the middle of the 19th century before any passage of laws protecting African Americans, it can be assumed she went through many hardships during her life. Rebecca was the second African American woman to become a doctor in the U.S.

What hardships did Jews face in the warsw ghettos?

The main ones were a lack of; food, shelter, sanitation and work.

Why is Tecumseh important?

It's because his story is a perfect example of what the Native Americans went through and he was an excellent leader that persevered through the hardships they were going through. He made so much progress and accomplished or attempted to accomplish many things to help his people.

Is any person still alive that went through the holocaust?

yes there are lots of people still alive from the holocaust, there have even been documentaries about Jews that lived through it.

What hardships has Columbia gone through?

nothing, great country

What hardships did Malcolm X face?

he faced through drugs.