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well mostly all the landscape was blown up and destroyed. not in any service! and the society had a loss of people so their population went down hill.

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World War I affected American society were the impacts the same or did each conflict affect the nation differently?


What are some impacts on Europe during World War 1 and 2?

some impacts of war 1 and 2 my grandpa was in it

What were the immediate and long term impacts of World War 1?

Death. And World War II.

What was the social economic and political impact of World War 1 globally?

poltical impacts from world war one

What are the impacts of World War 2 for future generation?

world war 2, us in ww2 [edit cateqories]

What were the United States negative impacts on developing nations after World War 2?

Positive impacts: Medical relief; food.

What are the three impacts of the war on Germany?

After world war 1 Germany had to take responibility for the war because they started the war.

Which change in US society was a result of World War 1?

Which change in U.S. society was a result of World War I?

What is the main impacts of the Vietnam war on USA society?

The only always visible portion is the all volunteer military.

What were the social impacts of world war 2?

we won they lost thats all

What were the lasting impacts on people's families countries and people's view on the world after World War 1?


What does the word war mean?

A war that involves many of the major countries of the world in direct battle and impacts almost every country in the world.

Australia's involvement in Vietnam war and impacts on Australian society?

Australia sent 4 Navy Destroyers and a regiment of Australian Centurion tanks into the Vietnam War.

How was the landscape affected during world war 1?

In northern France and western Belgium, the landscape was blasted flat by frequent bombardment, but it has recovered.

How did the Vietnam War impact on the Australian society while the war was being fought?

impactsThe families were separated and violence against the war broke out in protests etc. there are two points to get you started

Has World War 1 or 2 had a greater impact on modern society?

World War 2 has had a greater impact on modern society. After that War, the world was wary of ever fighting another war. Also, the United Nations was formed after World War 2.

Why should you never forget what happened during world war 2 and how what happened impacts human rights after world war 2?

cause it was an im[portyknjfdslng

What impacts did World War 1 have on the US economy?

in a world war 1 on the us ecompny all the american are died and and war is started 1941 to 1954 the american is won the war by us economy

How is your society different today because of World War 1?

How is your society different today because of civil war

What impacts did the World War 2 have on Asia?

Reconstruction and economic growth based on Western standards.

What do you call the society of post World War I?

What do you call the society of post ww1?

Which two locations are found in the same major geographic landscape province?

world war 1

What are the impacts of World War 2 on mass consumption after World War 2?

as a result of mass comsumpstion after ww2 it helped to end the great deppresion and fix the economy.

What are the features of British society before World War 2 in 1948?

thats after world war 2

Effects of world war 2 on American society?

World War II had a huge effect on American society. Specifically, Americans had to ration products and make real sacrifices for the war effort.

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