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Q: What were the issues of the Vietnam War?
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What events or issues in Vietnam war?

Communist containment; part of the cold war.

What are the long time consequences of the vietnam war?

Psychiatric and physical health problems were both long term consequences of the Vietnam war. Decades after the war many are still dealing with these issues.

What were the economic ramifications or issues of the Vietnam War?

Priority went to national defense projects.

How did the vietnam war affect us soldiers-?

The Vietnam War had affected US soldiers by leaving some of them with psychological issues and leaving many homeless when they returned home.

What major issues faced America when Nixon took office?

The Vietnam war would be one of them

How did the Vietnam war affect domestic issues in the US?

Only the draft affected the domestic front.

What were some major issues during John F Kennedy's term as president?

here are some major issues in his terms civil rights the war cold war cuban missle and vietnam war

President Carter dealt with all of the following issues during his term except for?

ending the Vietnam War

What aspects of the Vietnam war did people protest against?

Mainly with regards to the Vietnam war, people were having issues understanding why the U.S. as a democracy were helping fight a war on the same side of a dictatorship (South Vietnam). Plus the war continued on due to the constant build up of the cold war, due to this rising conflict.

What war was Vietnam?

the Vietnam war

Was the Vietnam war in Pennsylvania?

No, the Vietnam War was in Vietnam

What were some long term causes from the Vietnam war?

Psychological issues. Emotional issues. Severed Limbs. Changed View on Life. The US didn't win.

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