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What were the jobs of peasants in the Middle Ages?

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May 16, 2011 3:49PM

  • In the middle ages peasants had quite a number of jobs/responsibilities ... They had to work on the farms and look after the animals, they had to work in the bakeries, they had to thatch the roofs and build infrastructure (buildings). They had to look after their families and pray to God and much much more...
  • Nowadays, many people will associate the word peasant with a person who is uncouth, crude, etc. Originally, however, the word is derived from the French "paisant", meaning a person from the country. This is the way the word would have been understood in medieval times, and a peasant would have therefore been an agricultural worker. They would not have had "jobs" in the sense we know them today, but would more likely have been tenant farmers, farming a plot of land owned by the local landowner, a custom that still carries on in rural England to this day.

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