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They were, well, not good

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What were the living conditions in F rankfurt during the Holocaust?

The conditions were quite poor

What were the living conditions of the people in the attic during the Holocaust?

very bad. They were living in the attic.

What were the living conditions in Frankfurt during the Holocaust?

Frankfurt Jews were deported to camps from 1942 onwards.

What are the names of the death camps associated with the Holocaust?

Auschwitz was a major concentration camp during the Holocaust. My grandmother survived from Auschwitz and is still living today. Please also see related question.

What were living conditions in the Westerbork transit camp during th Holocaust?

great they searved you breakfast in bed and they washed you clothes and gues

What were the living conditions at concentration camps?

veryyy harsh

What were living conditions like in the concentration camps?


What is a good unique project for the Holocaust?

If you mean that you want to make a presentation/project about the Holocaust, but in a unique and creative way, then I suggest you try something that you wouldn't normally do, like: - Create a model of a concentration camp, with a description - Do a skit on people being taken into the concentration camps - Write a 'journal' based on the life of someone living during the Holocaust

What were the living conditions during the American Revolution?

The living conditions during the American revolution were dusty and filthy.

What did Holocaust survivors do before the Holocaust?

Before they were sent to concentration camp they were, for the most part, simply ordinary citizens living relatively 'normal' lives.

Where did the Jews live during the Holocaust?

AnswerThey were usually hiding from the Nazi's in abandoned buildings, as for the unlucky Jews, they were living in concentration camps.___Most of them were living in ghettos. Very few were in hiding. After all, hiding for a long time is difficult.

What were the living conditions like in a concentration camp?

dirty horible cold and harsh.

What were living conditions like in the concentration camps in World War 2?


What were the living quarters like for ews in the Holocaust?

They got sent to concentration camps, work camps, or death factories.

What were the living conditions in ghettos during the Holocaust?

Way less than satisfactory. There was little food, dead bodies littered the streets, and diseases ran rampant through households (especially typhus). And let's not forget perhaps the worst part of living in the ghettos: The Nazis. Prisoners were always in danger of being shot or exported to a death/concentration camp.

What was it like living in the concentration camps during the Holocaust?

scant clothes, even in dead of winter, scant food all the time, constant fear that you would be next for death or experimentation, hopelessness

What were the living conditions of an American soldier during World War 2?

What were the living conditions of soildiers in the past?

What were the living conditions in the Warsaw Ghetto like?

The living conditions in the Warsaw ghetto were terrible. I had heard on a PBS series about the holocaust that the conditions were barely liveable. All the children had to work for there food and may of there parents had already died because of starvation. The Nazis put them in the ghetto to keep them under close watch until they had to be carried off to the concentration camps. They were also very cramped in the apartments where they stayed.

What did the typical ghetto have during the Holocaust?

The typical ghetto during the Holocaust had multiple families living in an apartment with broken plumbing. People were starving and there was human waste in the streets.

Why were Jews where they where during the holocaust?

What are you asking? Your question is somewhat absurd. They were simply living their life wherever they happen to be living.

What were the living conditions for farmers during the Depression?


What were the living conditions England during the 1500s?


What did Oskar Schindler do for a living?

Oskar Schindler was an industrialist for a living. During the Holocaust he was responsible for saving 1,200 Jews from execution.

Who is the last living Holocaust survivor?

There are many Holocaust survivors still living.

What were the living conditions like during 1700s?

The living conditions were horrible. They were sorta like the middle passage. Look it up on wikipedia

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