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The long term causes of the Vietnam War were traced back to the Cold War. This was based on the fear that America had of communism spreading across the Asian continent.
The long term causes of the Vietnam war was communism taking over southeast Asia. The United States feared this spread of communism.

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What significance did the Vietnam War have?

The Vietnam War was the first war that the United States lost.Short Term Significances?Long Term Significances?

What were the long term effects of the Vietnam war on the region?

Peoples lives were shatted, birth defects, etc. Look up Long Term Effects of the Vietnam War on Google.

What were the long term causes of the Boer war?

One of the long term causes for the Boer war was the discovery of diamonds in in 1867. The war began in 1880 and lasted till 1881.

What are the long time consequences of the vietnam war?

Psychiatric and physical health problems were both long term consequences of the Vietnam war. Decades after the war many are still dealing with these issues.

What were the causes of the US Vietnam war?

there were many causes of the Vietnam war but the "main" cause was fear of Communism

What were some short-term causes of the Vietnam war?

The fight against communism was the general reason (cause) for the war.

What were some long term causes from the Vietnam war?

Psychological issues. Emotional issues. Severed Limbs. Changed View on Life. The US didn't win.

Long term causes of WW1?

Long term causes of World War 1 included:the arms racethe alliance system

What were the long term results of the Vietnam war?

Not a Good Answerhttp://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/COLDdomino.htm

What were the Long term causes of the revolutionary war?

The long term causes of the Revolutionary War was the increasing control Britain wanted over the colonists. The taxes increasing was the tipping point.

What were Long and short term causes of the Vietnam war?

There was only was cause; Communist expansion. Which they succeeded in doing on 30 April 1975, when the South fell to communist forces.

What are the immediate causes of the Vietnam War?

The Cold War. Vietnam was a "hot" battle of the cold war.

What short and long term effect did the Vietnam war have on the US?

Short term, cold war. Long term, new age for US adults 18 instead of 21; and an all volunteer military.

What where the causes of the Vietnam War?

Vietnam was part of the COLD WAR. It was fought to stop the spread of communism.

List causes of the Vietnam War?

Resisting communism and establishing a free Republic of South Vietnam was "the" reason for the war in Vietnam.

What long-term factors led to the outbreak of World War 1?

There were 4 main long term causes that led to the outbreak of World War I. These causes included militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism.

Name two long-term causes of World War 1?

Two of the long-term causes of World War 1 was the long time it takes to build a military that is capable of waging a major war. Another long-term reason is the time it takes to develop alliances between nations. Other long-term reasons for World War 1 include nationalism. It takes a long time to create love for the country.

What was the long term affects on soldiers?

For many US servicemen returning home from Vietnam, one of the LONG TERM effects was NOT talking about the war. Keeping it inside themselves. They had learned early on, that talking about the Vietnam War, produced enemies with their friends, family members, and complete strangers.

Why was the Vietnam war considered a defeat?

America fought to prevent communists from taking over Vietnam. they failed, and communists took over vietnam. Then the communists decided not to be communist anymore but shop at Mcdonalds and wal-mart instead. Did america lose the vietnam war? It depends on whether you look short term or long term

What where the 4 main long term causes of World War 1?

that when they did something it was an effect.

Explain the long term implications of the Tonkin Gulf Resolution?

Open war with Hanoi (capital of North Vietnam).

How long was the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam war lasted 16 years. 1959-1975

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