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The long term reasons for Russia's entry into WWI were to save face on the international arena by participating in the war and winning; unite the country with a very patriotic war fought for the ideal of pan-slavinism (help me out if that's not the correct term); perhaps territorial gain at the expense of her neighbors, Austria Hungary, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire; and financial assistance in return for military involvement from her Western allies. If anybody knows any other reasons--of which I'm sure there are more--feel free to add or edit this answer.

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Q: What were the long term reasons Russia joined World War 1?
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What are long term reasons Germany joined the war?

because they have to do it

What are long term reasons that Italy joined World War 1?

Italy is keen to be on the winning side in WW1. Therefore they took time to see which way the wind blew ! In 1915 they joined the Allies.

Did England join Allies during World War I?

England was in World War 1 long before America decided to join the Allies. France, The United Kingdom and Russia were the Entente Powers (the Allies) at the beginnng of the war in 1914. Italy joined them in April 1915 and America joined them in 1917.

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How long did it take Russia to mobilize in world war 1?

3 weeks

Who attacked who first in World World 1?

in WWI Austria-Hungry attacked Serbia after an agent from the black panther killed Austrian royalty. Russia then attacked Austria-Hungry and Germany. Germany also mobilized its troops to attack Russia at the same time and France as well. France was then forced into the war. Great Britain joined in not long after. the united states only came in during the last year after Germany declared unrestricted submarine warfare. Italy also joined in the last year of the war when it seemed evident that the allies where going to win despite their treaties with Germany and Austria-Hungry. japan also joined the allies, but sooner then the US and the Ottoman empire also joined in on the side of the Central powers.

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What were the long term effects of World War 2 on Russia?

The Soviet Union emerged from WW2 as a superpower.

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The Women's Long Jump World Record is currently held by Galina Chistyakova (USSR/Russia) who leaped 7.53m (24.7ft) on June 11,1988!

What were two reasons Napoleon had for his downfall?

One of the reasons for Napoleon's downfall was his decision to invade Russia. He has too long of a supply chain and winter was to harsh. Another reason was he made too many enemies and they all united against him.

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Russia Is Twice The Size Of The USA

How long did America wait to join allies during World War 2?

2 years. After Pearl Harbor, America joined.

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France in World War I?

France was one of the Triple Entente powers during World War I along with Russia and England. In the long run, actions in World War I were bound by treaties. France had a treaty with Russia, who in turn had a treaty with Serbia. Joseph Joffre was the French Commander in Chief for much of World War I.

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Did Triple Entente win or lose and why?

The Triple Entente won World War 1, though by the end Russia had dropped out and Italy and the US had joined. The main reason for their victory is generally agreed to be their superior production capabilities. Germany and Austria-Hungary's industries simply couldn't keep up with such a long, protracted war.

Is it true that the reason why Hitler wanted to take over Russia was because Russia was more powerful than Germany?

No, when the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in 1941 they thought the country was as weak as weak could be - some kind of military joke.The reasons normally given by historians for the invasion are:Expanding into Russia and Russian-controlled territory was a long-standing ambition of many German nationalists. Towards the end of World War 1, Germany had succeeded in defeating Russia, but the victory was of no use to them because they were defeated on the Western Front.The Nazis were above all anti-Communist and saw it as their mission to rid the world of what they called "Jewish Communism".

How did World War I affect Russia?

World War 1 affected Russia so much because they lived in poverty for so long. They sent many soldiers into the war, so they also had to send a lot of food, which led to the poverty back home in Russia because they were sending it all away. There was nothing left to eat.

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