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What were the main laws of Apartheid?


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The main idea of Apartheid was to establish complete racial segregation and to establish a sense of white superiority. Therefore, the large suburbs and central business districts were reserved for whites only. White people had freedom of movement across the country. They had better education, hospitals, transport, malls, cinema and more. They even had reserved benches in parks which would have a sign that read: Europeans only. The Indian, Malay and a few coloureds that passed as non-black had part of the large suburbs reserved for them. They had received normal education. However they did not have freedom of movemement and had to carry a pass with them all the time. They could not use transport, qeues, malls, benches etc that were reserved for Europeans. They did however get their own public transport which was the left over buses which the White transport company would dispose of. In prison, this race group received a slice more bread than blacks. The black people were made to live in townships and informal settlements. They were paid very little. They would mainly walk to work. They were taught vernacular education. Their school syllabus was of a very low standard. They also could not use items reserved for Europeans. They had very little freedom of movement which was stated on their passes. They were forbidden to be in any place except their work town and hometown which was stated on their passes. Failure to present a pass would result in imprisonment. Blacks were tortured in prison.