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What were the major battles on the Western front in World War 2?

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That would require a very complexed and lengthy answer. For the sake of expediency and accuracy please consult the link to this answer.

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What were the major battles at the western front?

the major battles at the western front were probably battle of the somme and battle of verdun and your fat

What were the the major battles on the Western Front in World War 1?

There were not a lot of specific battles, but one important one was the battle of Somme. This battle had lots of deaths and casualties. The western front was in France and Belgium.

What does western front mean?

During a war, a "front" is a place where armies are fighting battles. In World War I, most of the major battles were in Europe. So in World War I, "Western Front" refers to the front in the western portion of Europe- it was mainly in northern France, where Germany had invaded. The "Eastern Front" was in Eastern Europe, primarily around the borders between Russia and Germany/Austria-Hungary.

Where did most of the major battles of world war 1 take place?

In World War One (1914-18), there were two fronts. The Western front; France and Belguim, and the Eastern front; Russia and Italy. The majority of battle took place on the Western front were the British and their allies(Canada, Australia, France, etc.) fought against Germany and their allies.

Which was a major part of American involvement in world war 2?

fighting on the western front

What battles were on the western front?

These are some of the major battles of World War I on the western front. Battle of Liège, Battle of the Frontiers, First Battle of the Marne, First Battle of Ypres, Second Battle of Ypres, Second Battle of Artois, Second Battle of Champagne, Battle of Verdun, Battle of the Somme, Battle of Cambrai, German Spring Offensive of 1918 and then the Allied "Hundred Days" Offensive resulted in the collapse and capitulation of the German Empire.

What was the war front called?

World War I was fought on two major fronts. The Eastern Front was located in the Middle East and the Western Front was situated in France.

What are the 5 major battles of World War I with dates and locations?

whatare the five major battles of world war 1 with location and date

What are major battles Germany fought in World War 2?

major battle would be those that were considered to be in some way changing the way a particular front was going.

Where were the major battles of the world war 2 fought?

The major battles of World War 2 were fought in North Africa, Europe and the Pacific Islands.

Two major fronts during World War 2?

In the European Theater, the two major fronts of World War II were the Western Front (in 1944-1945) and the Eastern Front (1941-1945). Axis and Allied forces also clashed in North Africa and then in Italy, but this was considered by many to be a front of minor importance. In the Pacific Theater, battles raged far and wide between Japan and the Allies, on both land and sea.

What were the major battles of World War I?

Some of the major battles of World War I include the Battle of Tannenberg, the Battle of Arras, The Battle of Verdun, and the Battle of the Somme.

What are the 5 major battles of World War 1?

AnswerWhich of the following was not a major battle of World War I?

How is the Battle of Stalingrad related to the battle of the bulge?

here are 2 key relationships between the 2 battles. Firstly both battles were a crushing defeat for the Nazis. Secondly, both were final major offence on their respective fronts i.e. Battle of Bulge - Western Front and Battle of Stalingrad - Eastern Front.

Was most of the major battles fought in Luxembourg?

was most of the major battles of world war 1 fought in Luxembourg ...true or false

What battles did Arthur coningham fight in?

Sir Arthur Coningham fought in both WW1 and WW2. The major battles he was involved in were:In WW1Gallipoli CampaignWestern FrontBattle of AmiensIn World War IINorth African CampaignWestern Desert CampaignFirst Battle of El AlameinSecond Battle of El AlameinItalian CampaignNorth-West Europe CampaignNormandy campaign

What were major battles of World War 2 in Northern Europe?

There were several major battles in Northern Europe in World War II. Two of them were the Invasion of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge.

What major battles was Woodrow Wilson in in world war1?

Woodrow Wilson did not see any major battles in World War 1. In fact, during World War 1, he was the President of the United States.

In what country was the Battle of the Somme?

France. Almost all of the western major battles in WWI were fought in France.

What were the major battles the soviet union fought during World War 2?

The Battles of Kursk, Stalingrad and Berlin.

What were the two major battles after America joins in World War I?

world war 1

Where did the major battles in World War 2 take place?

Battle of France - invasion of France.Battle of Britain - aerial fighting over Britain.Battle of the Bulge - western front; France, Belgium, Luxembourg.Battle of Stalingrad - city in Russia.Battle of Midway - Midway Atoll.Battle of Normandy - Normandy, France.Battle of Berlin - city in Germany.These are some of the more major battles; others can easily be included in the list.

What was the major form of fighting on the western front?

the use of machine guns.

What battles occurred during World War 1?

On the Western Front: Ypres I II & III, The Marne the Somme Paschendale Verdun Cambrai. In the East Tannenberg Gumbinnen Gorlice-Tarnow. In the Balkans the 12 battles of the Isonzo, notably Caporetto. The Gallipoli campaign & Gaza against Turky The only major sea Battle was Jutland in 1916. This is by no means a comprehensive list.

What were the 2 major battles of the allies?

When? If you are referring to World War II, the whole war was a series of major battles. Two of the battles were the Battle of the Bulge and the battle for Stalingrad but there were many, many more of equal importance.