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One major battle Canada was involved in in World War 2 was the Normany landings, or Operation Overlord, on "D-Day", on June 6, 1944.

Another major battle was the Dieppe raid, which was an Allied test of German defenses along the French coast, using mainly Canadian troops. It was a practice run for Normandy, but is widely regarded as a disaster. The port was not taken in the raid.

Canada was also involved in several battles against the Chinese in the Pacific theatre, though Canada was more active in Europe.

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What were the major consequences of WW2?

World War III

What were the major consequences of World War 2 for English?

Near bankruptcy

What war is Canada known for?

Canada was a major participant in both world wars, and in the War of 1812.

Consequences of World War 1?

economic consequences

Canadians in World War 1?

Canada played a major role in WW1

Has Canada ever won a war?

If you take the time of the creation of Canada as 1867, Canada has been directly involved in two major wars: World War 1 and World War 2. Canada was on the winning side in both, so it could be considered as having won at least two wars.

What are the consequences of World War 1?

by origami

Who were the major players in World War 1?

Germany against the Allies consisting of Canada, USA France

Did canada fight in World War 1?

yes Canada fought in world war 1 because Canada was a British colony, and when British was at the war, Canada found itself at the war automatically

World War 2 Canada Netherlands?

The Netherlands had nothing to do with Canada that related them with world war I

What were the consequences of World War I?

Death too MILLIONS!

Consequences of World War II?

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Consequences of japen from 2nd world war?

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Did Canada distinguish itself in World War 1?

Canada most certainly did distinguish itself as the battle of Vimy ridge was a major turning point, and was a great success for Canada.

Which country was Canada in war with in world war 1?

canada was at war with a lot of countries

World War 1 and Canada?

Canada was not much involved with world war one but Canada served in world war 1 to help the UK Because they where very close countries

The importance of gallipoli in world war 1?

the importance and consequences of gallipoli war

Why did Canada fight ni World War 2?

Canada fought many battles in world war.

Who were the 5 major powers in world war 1?

Great Britain,France,Canada,USA and australia i think !

On what date did Canada join World War I?

1914 canda joined the world war 1

Was Canada in debt after World War 1?

Yes, Canada was in major debt after WWI. We owed the American salot for their war machinery as well as our own economy suffered as we had to produce more food, supplies and weapons. The estimated debt Canada faced after the war was $100,000,000,000.

What was the consequences of World War 2?

more death and domage

What were the consequences of World War 2 for the US?

they al died

How was Canada involved in World War I?

Canada became involved in world war 1 because Canada was one of the British empire's colony and were allies with them.

What are 6 major allies in world war 1?

France, Russia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia