Korean War

What were the major events that happened in the Korean War?


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one key event is how North Korea invaded South Korea and that north korea killed south koreas president in nov. 24 in 1956


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There were 2 world wars and the Korean War.

The Korean War occured in the 1950's.

The Korean War ended. Interstate Highway System was created.

The bloodiest events of the cold war were the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

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World War 2 was a pretty major event.

The Korean War and the Cold War were key and major events Truman had to deal with during presidency.

Korean war gwangju democrazational movement and jsa axe accident

Lots of things happened in those 50 years. For Example: * The Korean War, * The Cold War, * The Sprace Race, * The Vietnam War, * The man on the moon.

The Korean War happened after WW2.

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There were several major events that happened after the Civil War. One of the biggest was the Civil Rights Movement.The Reconstruction of America's economy and land was taking place after the Civil War.

One of the most major thing's happening in the 1950's was the Korean War.

The next big war after the Korean War was the Vietnam War.

The Korean War was ended by an Armistice signed in 1953.

the Korean war was from 1950 until 1953

The Korean War was the Biggest and Main event of South Korea's history. ALL events in Korea occurring from 1950 to today stem from that war.

the Korean war and the cold war

The Korean War was the First "Hot" battle of the Cold War.

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