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What were the major forces in the Cold War?

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The major force of the Cold War was the conflict between the ideals of the western democracies and the ideals of the communist nations, most notably, the Soviet Union. The American commitment to democratic government, the belief in liberty for the individual, and a capitalist economy were incompatible with the ideals of the Bolsheviks and the creation of dictatorial, repressive, and ruthless state power, as exampled by Stalin in the USSR. While the United States did favor economic influence via trade relations with other nations, the Soviet bloc of nations favored actual take-over of other areas by military force or the theat of military force, to make other nations come under the influence and control of the Soviet/communist way of thinking. MrV

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What are the major forces in the Cold War?

United States and Europe There!

What were the major events of the Cold War?

a major event in the cold war was the space race

What were three major battles fought in the cold war?

so what were the major battles of the cold war and why

The major rivals in the cold war were?

The major rivals in the cold war was America and Soviet Union (Russia).

Who were major rivals during the cold war?

The major rivals of the Cold War were the US vs. the USSR.

Who were the major players of the cold war?

the major players of the cold war were the usa and the ussr which include josseph Stalin of the ussr.

What two major wars you involved in during the cold war era?

vietnam war and the cold war

Vietnam war summary?

A hot battle of the cold war in communist forces were victorious.

What were major issues of the cold war?

The cold war was about how two countries fought each other.

What was the major tension of the Korean War?

The cold war; communism.

The major Cold War conflict of the 1950s was the?

Korean War

What were major events after World War 2?

Cold War.

What are the 2 wars caused by the cold war?

Though they were never formally termed "wars" (which requires a declaration by Congress) the Korean War and Vietnam War were the 2 major conflicts during the Cold War in which Western nations fought in regional battles against Communist forces, to prevent expansion.

What were Ghana's military forces?

An irrelevant name during the cold war.

What was the first major armed conflict of the Cold War?

Korean War

What was the first major confrontation in the cold war?

What constitutes as the first major confrontation in the Cold War is largely up to opinion. Possible contenders are the 1945 - War in Vietnam or the Greek Civil War or the First Indochina War.

How did a local struggle in Vietnam turn into a major event of the Cold War?

Two different topics/questions here; "Local Struggle..." and "Major event of the cold war..." 1. The VN War wasn't a local struggle. It involved the world powers and potential atomic war. 2. Any SHOOTING war during the cold war was a major event.

Why was the Cold War historically significant?

The Cold War brought about changes to the presidency of the United States. Internal and external forces influenced those changes.

Who were the major powers during the cold war?


Did Mexico fight in the Korean war?

No. Such conflict was basically part of the Cold War between NATO forces on one side, and Chinese and Soviet forces on the other.

The United Nations forces were commanded by who during the cold war?

Douglas McArthur

What were the major advantages and disadvantages of the cold war towards the political development of Africa?

cold war between russia and america

What idea was the major justification for US foreign policy during the cold war era?

what idea was the major justification for U.S. foreign policy during the Cold War era?

How was Vietnam an extension of the cold war?

The Vietnam conflict was a type of proxy war, in that our Cold War foe, Russia, heavily subsidized Communist North Vietnam in their fight with U.S. forces.

Who was the president during cold war commanded allied forces in world war 2?

Dwight D. Eisenhower .