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1. Born as Anneliese "Anne" Marie Frank on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany

2. Hitler and Nazis come to power; Anti-Semitism increases (March 1933)

3. Her family moves to Holland (February 1934)

4. Nazis invade Holland (May 1940)

5. Anne receives a diary for her 13th birthday (June 1942)

6. Frank family goes into hiding (July 1942)

7. Last entry in Anne's diary (August 1, 1944)

8. Found by Nazis [betrayed by someone] (August 4, 1944)

9. Sent to Auschwitz concentration camp (September 3, 1944)

10. Anne and her sister Margot get transferred to Bergen-Belsen (October 28, 1944)

11. Anne's sister Margot dies (early March 1945)

12. Anne dies three days later (early March 1945)

13. In June 1947, Otto Frank (who had survived) publishes Anne's diary

1929- Anne's birth in Germany

1933- Anne and her family move to the Netherlands

1940- The Netherlands is occupied by Germany

1942- The Franks, Hermann VanPels, Auguste VanPels, Peter VanPels, and Fritz Pfeffer go into hiding in the Secret Annex.

1944- Everyone hiding in the Secret Annex is arrested.

1945- Anne and her sister Margot die of typhus, Otto Frank goes back to the Secret Annex and finds Anne's diary with Meip Gies

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Q: What were the most important events in Anne Frank's life?
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