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Q: What were the names each kid suggested for Frosty the Snowman There was Harold Christopher Columbus and Oatmeal One boy said something after Harold that is cut out of the film What was it?
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Was threre oatmeal in in Georgia in 1849?

if there was, it was probably called porridge or something because oatmeal is like porridge.

Dog miniature pinscher home remedies for dry itchy skin for pets?

Had a dog with dry skin issues also. Vet suggested oatmeal baths. Worked very well for her. Can find dog shampoos with oatmeal in it already.

What does this mean ejectate on you?

Something ejected from a chemical or heating process. If you boil oatmeal quickly some of the oatmeal will be ejected from the pan. That material would be ejectate. ??

Name something that starts with the word instant?

coffee, oatmeal, rice, pudding, potatoes, photo

What is the healthiest yummiest food?

The term "yummiest" can only be defined by you. But if you want something really healthy, try real oatmeal, not processed or anything. Not the instant oatmeal ones either.

What recommendations do you have for taking care of skin irritations for a shar-pei dog?

try a baby shampoo. something like Johnson and Johnson oatmeal shampoo. the oatmeal is very soothing to irritated skin.

What is oatmeal powder in hausa language?


Is oatmeal a dairy?

No, oatmeal isn't a dairy product. Oatmeal is a grain or cereal.

Do you mix milk with oatmeal when feeding chickens?

You certainly don't have to, unless you are giving them a special treat. Chickens love cooked oatmeal just the way it is. They would love oatmeal mixed with milk, but as milk isn't really cheap, it's probably not something you would want to keep up.

Is there eggs in oatmeal?

there are no eggs in oatmeal.

What is a sentence for Oatmeal?

I like oatmeal.

Which is better for you cream of wheat or oatmeal?

cream is a good moisturizer for your tongue