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Wife:Camille Doncieux

Son:Jean Monet and Michael Monet

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Claude Monets kids' names?

His sons (with first wife, Camille) were Jean and Michel. His stepchildren (of his second wife, Alice Hochedé), were Blanche, Germaine, Suzanne, Marthe, Jean-Pierre, and Jacques.

Who was monets wife?

Shes a girl how will she have a wife

What is one of claude Monets hardships?

wehen his wife dies and left him with two kids. Or when his paintings wouldnt sell so he went into extreme debt.

Who was Monets 2 wife?

Alice Hoschede.

What was monets favourite model?

Camille, his first wife.

How many children did claude Monet's 2nd wife have?

She had 6 children from her previous marriage.

Who are John Claude van Damme's children?

Jean Claude van Damme has three children, two sons and a daughter. He had Nicholas with wife Darcy Lapier, and Kristopher and Bianca with current wife Gladys Portugues.

Who was claude Debussys wife?

Emma Bardac was Claude Debussy's wife.

What were siddartha guattamas wife and children names?

Wife was Yashodara and child was Rahula

What is the names of Barack Obama wife and children?

Barack Obama's wife is Michelle. Children are Malia Ann, and Sasha.

What was his wife and children names?


Do you mention a second wife's children in an obituary?

It should be current wife first, then their children. First wife next, followed by their children. "His first wife, (name); their children, (names in birth order)...."

Did Walter camp have a wife and kids?

Walter Camp did have a wife and children. His wife was Alice Graham Sumner and his children were names Walter Jr. & Janet.

What was the names off shake spears wife and children?

The wife is Anne Hathaway and his children are Susanna and twins Hammet and Judith

What are the names of Amerigo's wife and children?

We know his wife was Maria Cerezo and they married circa 1505. We do not think they had any children.

What were the names of Christopher Columbus's wife and children?

His wife was Filipa Moniz Perestrelo while his children were Diego Columbus and Fernando Columbus.

What are the names of tom clancy's children?

Tom Clancy had four children with his first wife, their names are Michelle, Christine, Cathleen and Thomas. He also had a daughter named Alexis with his second wife.

What are the names of children of Ayesha Siddiqa Prophet Muhammad's wife?

No children for prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) from his wife Ayesha (God be pleased with her).

What were the names of Catherine howard's children?

Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry VIII, had no children

What are the names of Roberto clementes children names?

He and is wife Vera Zabala had three children: Roberto Jr., Luis Roberto and Enrique Roberto.

What were the names of children of Hernando de soto and land aria tinoco?

what are the names of children of Hernando de soto and wife leonar aria tinoce

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