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How many kids did Jacques cartier have?

Jacques had no kids with Mary des Granches (his wife).

Did Jacques Cartier have kids?

Jacques Cartier did not have kids according to other posts that i found. When i typed this question and there was no answer...underneath it there were a few related questions and on of them was..."did Jacques Cartier and Catherine de Granches have kids?" the answer was "NO,THEY DID NOT HAVE ANY KIDS!" so of course they didn'tNo, he did not have kids although he married.

Vasco da gamas kids names?

what were his kids names

How many kids does Jacques cartier have?

He did not have any children.

How what were Sojourner Truth's kids names?

"companion", or society in general

What are the names of Aretha Franklin's kids?

What are the names of Aretha Franklin's kids?

What were the names of francisco pizarro's kids?

Whatwere the names of francsico's kids ?

What was Frederic Chopins kids names?

his kids names were folisha as marie

What are keshas kids names?

she does not have kids.

Does jacque cousteau have kids?

Jacques had Jen- Michel and Phillipe

How many kids does vegeta have and What is their names?

he has 2 kids and their names are Trunks and Bulla

What was Cleopatras kids names?

Cleopatra's kids names were Caesarion, Alexander, Cleopatra and Ptolemy.

What are john cenas kids names?

john has 2 kids but i dont know there names

What were James J hill kids names?

james j hills kids names

How many kids did Andre the giant have and what were there names?

he had two kids and there names were nick and maria

What were Amelia Earhart's husbands kids names?

what where amelia earhart's husband kids names

Did Jacques Marquette have a wife and kids?

NO because he was a priest and if you're a priest you're married to the church. NO wife no kids.

Shawn Michaels kids names?

shaw michaels kids names are camern and chyenne margin

What is Bill Gates kids names?

Bill Gates kids names are, Pheobe, Katharine and Rory.

What are the names of tony hawks kids?

Tony Hawks kids names are: Riley, Spencer and Keegan

What was Frederick Douglass' kids names?

His kids names were Rosetta, Annie, Lewis, Charles

What is Vasco Nunez De Balboa Kids Names?

He had kids and a wife, but i don't know their names.

What are chuck berry's kids names?

chuck berry kids names are charlie Phil and Tiffany

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