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What two alliances were formed during the cold war?

Nato and The Warsaw Pact.

What 2 major alliances formed in the cold war?

frost bite and whiskey

What determined alliances in Suez crisis?

-Cold War alliances -Cold War considerations

What determined alliances in the Suez Crisis?

Cold War Alliances (APEX)

What three alliances were created during the cold war?

The Three Alliances are American, British, and French

What are the names of some animals beginning with P that live in the cold?

Penguins,polor bears.

Which of these is a mutal defense agreement formed by western nations during the beginning of the cold war?

United Nations.

What are the alliances for cold war?

NATO and Warsaw Pact

How did the cold war develop rivalries and alliances among nations?

Wrong way round - the so-called cold war resulted from rivalries and alliances between capitalist and communist/socialist regimes.

When was the beginning of the cold war?

beginning of the cold war was 1945 and the end was 1960

Why was the cold war formed?

It did not get formed

What were the rival military alliances during the cold war?

The Rival Military Alliances were NATO (US help form) and the Warsaw Pact (USSR and its satellite nations)

What were the two countries that opposed each other during the Cold War?

The Cold War involved two very large alliances, but the main countries which were are the center of those opposing alliances were the United States of America, and the Soviet Union.

Into what two alliances was Europe divided into during the cold war?

NATO and the WARSAW pact

What were the two rival defense alliances in europe during the cold war?

i came here to get the answer not to answer it

Cold region animals names and photos?

names of animals in cold regions

How was air formed?

the air is formed by the help of the cold and warm,when cold and warm meet it makes air

What were the two military alliances created during the cold war?

well the answer to the ? is the warsaw pact and NATO.

Formed as a liquid when steam meets a cold surface?

Water is formed as a liquid when steam meets a cold surface.

Is earwax good for a cold sore after a scab has formed?

Earwax isn't good for a cold sore after a scab has formed.

How is a cold front formed?

A cold front is formed where cold air moves under warm air, which is less dense, and pushes the warm air up.

What strategies were used in the Cold War?

Foreign aid, espionage, multinational alliances, propaganda, brinkmanship, and surrogate wars.

What is the past progressive tense of begin?

was/were beginning. By night fall I was beginning to feel cold

When cold air moves toward warm air what is formed?

A cold front.

Who was against Napoleon in the cold war?

Napoleon was long dead by the beginning of the cold war.

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