What were the names of the victims of Ted Bundy?

Chronological list of Bundy victims:

1973 May, unknown hitchhiker, Tumwater, Wa. no remains found

1974 Jan 4 "Joni Lenz" (pseudonym) U of W student

Feb. 1 Lynda Ann Healy, age 21.

March 12 Donna Gail Manson, age 19, Evergreen campus, Olympia, Wa.

April 17 Susan Elaine Rancourt, age 18, Ellensburg Central State College campus.

May 6 Roberta Kathleen Parks, age 22, Oregon State University in Corvallis, Or.

June 1 Brenda Carol Ball, age 22, Oregon State University in Corvallis, Or.

June 11 Georgeann Hawkins, age 18, Kappa Alpha Theta Soroity house U of W

July 14 Janice Ann Ott, age 23, Denise Marie Naslund, age 19, Lake Samamish, Issaquah, Wa.

Sept 2 Unknown teenaged hitchhiker, Idaho

October 2 Nancy Wilcox, age 16, Holladay, Ut, body never found.

October 31 Laura Aime, age 17, Lehi, Ut

November 8 Debra Kent, age 17, Bountiful, Ut.


January 12 Caryn Campbell, age 23, Snowmass, Colorado.

March 15 Julie Cunningham, age 26, Vail, Co.

April 6 Denise Oliverson, age 25, Grand Junction, Co.

May 6 Lynette Culver, age 13, Alameda Junior High, Pacatello, Id.

June 28 Susan Curtis, age 15, Brigham Young University, Prove, Ut. body never found.

Suspected of murdering Melaine Suzanne Cooley, disappeared April 15, 1975, Nederland, Co.


January 15 Lisa Levy, age 20, Margaret Bowman, age 21, Karen Chandler (survivied), Kathy Kleiner (survived). Chi Omega Sorority, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Fl.

January 15 Cheryl Thomas (survived) eight blocks from Chi Omega house.

February 9 Kimberly Leach, age 12, Lake City, Fl.

Of all Bundy's murders, it was his last killing that cost him his life. Bundy was executed in Florida's electric chair in January 1989 for the murder of 12 year old Kimberly Leach. To save taxpayer money Bundy was never tried for the murders he committed in the Pacific Northwest and in several other states.