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Q: What were the natural resources of the Southern Colonies?
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What were the natural resources for the southern colonies?


What were the natural resources of southern colonies?

cotton, tobacco, timber

How did people use the natural resources to earn a living in southern colonies?


What was the reasons why the Southern colonies were founded?

The southern colonies were founded because it was discovered that these colonies were rich in natural resources. People thought that the southern colonies would make them rich.

What is the natural resources found of the southern colonies?

Rich farmland , fish, and forests

What was the natural resources Southern colonies?

cotton, tobacco, rice, corn, and wheat

In the southern colonies during the 1800s what were the resources they had and used?

the natural resources were cotton,indigo,rice,tobacco,and corn

What are Natural Resources of the Southern Colonies?

Fertile soil, harbors and rivers and a long growing season

Description of the southern colonies land?

Geography of the Southern Colonies... A broad coastal plain, hilly and forest covered. Natural resources...... rich farmland, forests and fish. Hope this helped :)

What are some southern colonies resources?

the resources of the southern colonies are they grow rice, indigo, turpitine, tabacco, plantations and also slavery

Natural resources of southern colonies?

Bubble gum, pizza, aliens, octapus tentacles, cow tongue, computers

Natural resources of the 13 colonies?

Northern Colonies: timber (wood), whaling Middle Colonies: wheat and tobacco Southern Colonies: rice, indigo, tobacco

What were resources like in the southern colonies?


What were the resources for the southern colonies?


What were the natural resources of the Southern Colonies and how did most people make a living?

They would Make a living by growing cash crops.

Middle colonies natural resources?

The natural resources were the fertile soil.

What were the capital resources of the southern colonies?

tools and buildings

What types of resources were available to the southern colonies?


What natural resources were in the American colonies?


Natural Resources Middle Colonies?


What were the natural resources of the 13 colonies?

The 13 colonies had numerous natural resources. These includes trees, fur, and fish. There were also whales as well as thick forests.

What are the natural resources in the southern reigon?


What natural resources are on the southern plane?


Natural resources of the southern colonies of north America 1600s or the early 1700s?

I would love to help you and answer it. But im trying to figure out the same thing :]

What natural barrier forms the western border of the southern colonies?

The Mississippi river forms the western border of the southern colonies.

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