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I pooped

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Q: What were the negative and positive effects of imperialism on the Muslim lands?
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What are some negative effects that Muslims Arab and Christian American's have had on the US?

One of the most negative effects that Muslim Arabs and Christian Americans have had on the US is a negative attitude that came about after 9/11.

What are the negative effects of double personalities behaviour on the Muslim society?

well you know about 9-11 that was a multipersonality incciddent...

What were the methods did the Muslim leaders use to try to prevent imperialism?

Muslim leaders did and do not try to prevent imperialism. There have been great Muslim empires such as the Ottoman Empire, the Mogul Empire etc. Muslims and Islam was and still are imperialists as is proven by the desire by some for a new Muslim caliphate.

Which of the following contributions to European culture can be attributed to the Muslim empire?

AIndustrialization, imperialism, nationalismBImperialism, industrialization, nationalismCNationalism, imperialism, industrializationDIndustrialization, nationalism, imperialism ANSWER: D

What are negative effects of infrared radiation?

hi. Im bob and i'm looking for a horny female muslim between the age of 40-60

How were the reactions of african and muslim rulers to imperialism similar and different?

Africans allowed imperialism while Muslims didn't. They both wanted to modernize for the benefits of their countries.

How was Western Imperialism a source of stress in Muslim regions of the world?

Because the middle east leaders believed westernization as a new form of imperialism, which was cause women and children to act against the Koran.

What brought the Muslim league and the All India Congress together?

The common goal of the liberation of India from the British Imperialism.

How were the reactions of African and Muslim rulers to imperialism similar and how were they different?

-Same- both wanted to modernize for the benefit of there country -Different- Africa allowed Imperial rule Muslim Countries didnt allow imperial rule

What are some positive uses of radiation?

helping to kill cancerous cells in the human body. Help induce mutations in cells to learn about the effects. To wipe people off the face of the earth (what the Muslim extremists think)

How did Muslims gain control of land?

Through Imperialism.Many Muslims in Muslim land joined hands with Europeans.Europeans+Muslims ruled those lands.

Why do people have Negative Attitude toward Muslims beliefs?

Because most are ignorant to the actual customs of Muslim's. But they usually see being Muslim as a negative thing because almost all of our bad terrorist attacks were from people that were of Muslim heritage. i.e. 9/11.

What were the effects of khilafat movement on Hindu Muslim relations?

very bad effect

What methods did the Muslim leaders use to try to prevent European imperalism?

The methods used by Muslim leaders to try to prevent European imperialism included setting up strong military and economic reforms as well as prohibiting importation of European goods.

Can a pregnant Muslim woman fast during Ramadan?

If the pregnant woman can afford fasting without negative effects on her health, according to the advice of the physician, then she can fast Ramadan. Otherwise, she is allowed not to fast Ramadan during pregnancy but she has to compensate for the days not fasted later on when she can fast.

What is the negative role of western media against Muslims?

Western Media tends to attribute the acts of negative Muslim individuals using the religion as a qualifier whereas the same qualifier is not used for Christians who commit a similar negative act. This creates a link in most people's minds between the word "Muslim" and the negative act even though there is no correlation between the two except in cases of religiously incited acts (like the murder of Theo van Gogh). Example of the qualifier: If a Muslim commits a theft, it may be reported as: "Young Muslim robs a store." but if a Methodist commits a theft, it may be reported as: "Young man robs a store." without using the word Methodist to identify the individual.

What effects did the muslim culture have on europe?

The Muslim culture really has no effected Europe internally. The most it has done was boost Christian fate and made Europeans band together to prevent the spread of Islam into the continent. Today, Europe still places some restrictions on Muslim culture. For example, you are not allowed to publicly wear a burka in France. The most significant Muslim areas of Europe are the Balkans and the Iberian Peninsula. Here, you will find large Muslim populations and significant numbers of Muslim architecture.

Are Muslim people accused of terrorist attacks more than other people?

Yes, I believe they are. it is a negative stereotype that is not always true.

Do Muslims get a fair press?

Yes, but not in Muslim countries. In Europe they get so fair press it's actually called "positive discrimination".

Who is Claudia Lynx?

She is model / actor from Iran,tehran who has gained a lot of negative attention because of her plastic surgery and photoshopped pictures. and she is muslim

What are the effects of the split in Islam?

The maximum groups or sects in Muslim world are a result of colonialism so the effects of these sects were already calculated by British Empire.Now Colonialism is ever-folded chapter of the history but political power is yet in western pole.On the other hand Muslim world have reason able portion of natural resources but even then they are facing most destabilized political governments.

Why did the rise of Islam have such a negative impact on Aksum?

When Muslim Arabs took control of the Red Sea and Indian Ocean trade, they limited Aksum trading.

Why do Arab and Muslim nations oppose Israel?

Israel represents many negative things to Arab Nations such as, Arab repression, Jewish ascendance, Western Imperialism, and Division of the Unified Arab Lands. See the related link for the causes of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, which list a variety of particular reasons that Arabs are opposed to the State of Israel. Also see the link for "Why do Arabs hate Israel?" which explains why Arabs as individuals hate Israel.

Why is drinking haram for Muslims?

drinking is haram for muslim, coz when a person is intoxicated, he/she will not be able to perform his duty as a muslim eg. prayers, work etc. Any substance such as alcohol or any illegal drug that effects the body and brain from functioning, it to consider as haram.

What is murtuza kutianawala religion?

He belong to a Muslim family. According to celebsbiodate website.