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Hockey was originally played with as many people as you could find, and every body simply ranged across the field doing what they could. Obviously they would stratify into groups that were better at defending and better at attacking, but this was not formalised.


This might not be the answer you were looking for, but in the lat 1800's on Canadian ponds there would be over 50 people playing a game at a single time.


In the PRE NHL rules, before 1917, there were a goaltender, a rover, two defence men, and 3 forwards, for a total of 7 players on team, NO SUBS were allowed. If a man was hurt the team played a man short for the rest of the game. All players played 60 minutes in those days, with a 15 minute break between the 1st and the 2nd periods, and another 15 minute break between the 2nd and the 3rd period.

To illustrate my point consider this .............One of the early Stanley Cup winning teams ( 1907) was the OTTAWA SIVER SEVEN, who had just 7 players in their championship photograph. You had to be tough to be a hockey player, then and now.

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Q: What were the original positions in hockey?
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There are six people on each team in floor hockey. The three positions in floor hockey are forward, defense, and goalies.

How many positions are there in hockey and what are they?

There are 3 positions - Forwards, defense and goaltender.

Does hockey have eleven hockey players?

In field hockey, there are eleven different positions numbering to 22 people on the field at once. In ice hockey, there are four (6 if you want to be specific) positions numbering to 12 people on the ice at once.

How many positions in a hockey team?

There are six positions in hockey: three forwards—comprised of a centre and two wingers—two defencemen, plus one goaltender.

How many persons comprise a hockey team and what positions do they play?

they have a lot of positions mosyly 69

How many positions on an NHL team?

The positions in ice hockey are centre, left wing, right wing, and defense.

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What were the original sports?

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The original hockey puck was made from vulcanized rubber invented by Charles Goodyear in the late 1800s.

Who played all six positions in a hockey game?

King Clancy

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What are the 4 positions in a game of floor hockey?

Centre, wing, defence and goalie

What are positions in ice hockey?

Center , Left wing , right wing , deffence,

Positions in hockey?

In Ice Hockey each team has: Left Winger Center Right Winger Left Defense Right Defense Goalie

What are the players called in hockey?

The positions of hockey players are: center, left wing, right wing, right defense, left defense, and goalie.

What are the positions in a hockey match?

In ice hockey there are three forwards, Right wing, left wing, and center. There is two defenseman and one goalie.

What was the original name for ice hockey?

It was originally called "shinny on ice," because it was similar to a British game that was a cross between lacrosse and rugby. The original name for hockey was "ice hurley". Then gradually turned into ice hockey.

What are the players positions in hockey?

goalie, left wing, right wing, center and defence

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On a field hockey team there are.... 4 forwards, 3 halfbacks, 1 sweeper, 2 backs, and 1 goalie.

What would people call hockey if hockey pucks weren't invented?

Hockey. Pucks were invented for ice hockey, and if it hadn't developed, more people would simply play field hockey (the original way of playing hockey).

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Ice hockey is a sport in which the objective is to get a small black disc (or puck) into the opposing team's net (or over the goal line) using their stick. This sport consists of four positions: Center (1), forward (or offense) (2), D (or defense) (2), and a goalie. Both teams line up at center ice until the referee drops the puck. For more on positions, look up "What are the positions in ice hockey?"For information on hockey regulations, ask the question, "What are the basic rules of ice hockey?"Hope this helped

What period was the original six hockey teams?

the time period of the original six was from 1917-1967

Ice hockey players positions?

goalie, center, defense, right wing, left wing

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itn w dfsfbd sdfjhfgb 54932516gfgfg fgfvfgfgfdgfd