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What were the people concerned between 1550-1560?

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area of psychology concerned with the relationships between people and their work environment

the biggest thing british people were focused on was the colonization of the new world.

Public administration must consider the public. People who are concerned with business administration are concerned with business needs before others.

People are concerned about racsim because they don't want it to get out of hand again.

"Management is concerned wit ideas, things and people" - comment

Concerned person is someone who is worried about something, a person concerned is someonr who is involved in something. I would like to speak with the person concerned with pay raises. I am concerned about my rate of pay.

"Management is concerned wit ideas, things and people" - comment

which two events directly concerned relations between the united states and England

In brief, the thought in the Upanishads is concerned with the Brahman (universal soul) and the Atman (individual soul) and the relationship between the two.

because they r concerned about everything!

people concerned with the theoretical aspects of a subject.

Because the people are concerned about the business practices. And if the people are concerned about it, then the President should be too, otherwise he/she won't get reelected. Also, business drives the nations economy.

Unbleached is exactly that - they don't whiten it. This is preferable for people concerned with chemicals in their food and for people who are concerned about the environment. As far as the cooking results - the food will be the same flavor, but for some things like bread, the color will be closer to brown.

People should be concerned because of the low number of White Tigers left in the wild

Legal and legal rules have the similarity is all rules are concerned with establishing codes of behaviour for people.

There is a big difference between manpower planning and human resource planning. In HRP the managers concerned with motivating people - a process in which cost,numbers,control and systems interact and play a part. In Manpower planning the managers concerned with the numerical elements of forecasting supply,demand matching and control ,in which people are a part.

Many people have been concerned about the oppression of the poor and weak. You will have to be more specific.

fundamental right are concerned with the citizens while directive principle is concerned with the state..

People are concerned about this because genetically modified food is not natural food. It was genetically modified by a human or a machine. In either case, man made machine, and man isn't perfect. So, because of that, people are so concerned.

The master was not concerned with the welfare of the people, he only wanted their money. The bard wanted what was due to them from the dwarves, but he wanted it to help the people survive.

Take over the world and enslave humankind. And some people are concerned that the events of September 11, 2001 were a US government conspiracy. And some people are concerned that UFO's are real and the government is trying to hide it. Come on, people, get a grip on reality.

He was concerned about the size of government.(apex)

IT is more concerned with technology creation or what we can call IT Artefacts, while IS is concerned about the usage (by people) of these technologies, and their social implications or effects. IT is more about collection,processing,storing and transmitting of data while IS about nertworking of technologies.

communism seems to be more concerned with the welfare of the people. fascism=considers deferences in class communism=equal class

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