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Following the end of World War II, the Marshall plan was created to restore Europe and prevent the spread of communism. The program allocated funds to rebuild the infrastructure, modify industry and remove trade barriers. France received nearly $3 billion to rebuild the country.


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In 1918 Europe was rebuilding after the First World War.

Reconstruction is a word that refers to post-war rebuilding.Reconstruction is the term for the period of rebuilding after the Civil War.

Reconstruction means rebuilding. During the Civil War, much of the South was destroyed. Reconstruction was rebuilding AFTER the war- both physical rebuilding, and rebuilding the government in the former Confederate States.

His plans were to capture and control all of Europe and then the world

Britain and France were not involved in the American Civil War. The Confederacy asked for Britain's help but they did not get involved.

what was france position prior to world war I?

There wasn't one single set of plans for WW1. The war was spread around the world and different plans were used depending on where the battles were waged.

Reconstruction was what the period of rebuilding the south was after the civil war.

The rebuilding of the US after the Civil War was called the "Reconstruction Period".

France was NOT powerful in World War 2.

Military spending proved to be a great economic stimulus, as did the subsequent rebuilding of a world shattered by war.

Revoultionary war: france war of 1812: no one world war 1: france, england, world war 2: france, england, italy, and russia

France was on the Allies side during the second world war. However, Germany invaded France early in the war.

Because a lot of its infrastructure had been destroyed by bombing during the war.

No, France gave in to Germany, and Germany then took over France. We did not help them. Not in World War I, the war the question asks about. Britain joined France in its fight againt Germany during the first World War.

A lot of damage was caused by WW1 and France was badly hit. Many blamed the Germans for this as they had invaded France twice now. Parts of France were too badly damaged to even start rebuilding and this is partly why Germany had to pay reparations.[Major Damage] A+LS

Raymond Poincaré was President of France following the First World War.

France was invaded by Germany during World War II.

france was invaded by Germany and Italy during world war 2

France went into World War 1 because it had an alliance with Russia. When Germany declared war on Russia, France went to help its ally.

the German plans to invade France through belgium and overwhelm them before russia mobilized on the eastern front (used in world war one)

France went into World War 2 because Germeny invaded Poland. Poland was an Allie to France.

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