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WW2 changed the world. The United States possessed the largest and most powerful military in the history of the world, along with the largest economy. With it's European allies England and France shattered by the war, US power and influence replaced that of Britain and France. The victorious Soviet Union began to push communism, while equally shattered Japan rebuilt itself and became one of America's closest allies. In short, the net effect of WW2 was America's ascension as the world's dominant power and the eclipse of Western Europe.

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Q: What were the political impacts of World War 2?
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Positive impacts: Medical relief; food.

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Some political changes in World War 1, is that The supreme court and the non-supreme court.

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See the link below that explains the political ramifications of World War 2.

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Reconstruction and economic growth based on Western standards.

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== ==

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It increased economic opportunities for many African Americans.

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The difference's was that world opinion thoughts were the Korean war was somewhat a political war whereas world war 2 vets were viewed as very necessary and important to the global political structure.

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The political party that was predominant in Italy at the time of World War was the Italian Socialist Party. It is the party to which Benito Mussolini belonged during World War 1.

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