What were the pomo tribe activies?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What were the pomo tribe activies?
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What kind of cothls did the pomo tribe?

The pomo tribe did not cothls.

What Indian tribe does the pomo Indians live in?

the pomo Indians are a tribe. There are many different bands therein.

What was the environment like in the Pomo Indian tribe?

what is the description of the pomo enviroment

How did the government of the pomo tribe help there tribe?

No Government no problems

Does the Pomo tribe have a government?

yes they do

What did the women of the Pomo tribe do?

they cooked, made baskets, and other random things

What chores do men and women have in the Pomo Indian tribe?

pomo indians jobs

What does pomo mean?

The Pomo are a Native American tribe from Northern California. Pomo is the name of their language, as well. It has no direct meaning.

Where did the Pomo lived?

The Pomo Indians lived in Northern San Francisco Bay Area

How did the government of the pomo tribe do to organize the tribe?

they chose stupid leaders

What kind of shelter did the Pomo tribe have?


What is the Pomo's tribe location?

were are pomos located