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it was because Canada east had more disadvantages, and wanted to have mroe advantages.

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Q: What were the pros and cons of Canada East joining the Maritime colonies or the US instead of the Confederation in 1867?
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Why did some colonies did not join confederation?

Confederation was risky as it had small colonies joining with the very much larger province of Canada (today's Ontario and Quebec). History has shown those concerns to be valid as today Canada is moving from a Confederation in which each Nation is equal to a Federation dominated by the most populous provinces.

What concerns did the Maritime colonies have in joining British North America?

They thought the bna would just eat away at them and that the bna wants to enjoy fat salaries

What were the pros and cons of Newfoundland for joining confederation?

Many in Newfoundland didn't want to join the confederation because they felt they had more independence by being part of the British Colonies. On the other hand, the British government was going to cut off financial help, and Canada was willing to pay the bills, so some thought joining the confederation was a good idea.

When did Spain join confederation?

Spain joining Canadian Confederation? What planet are you on?

What is the joining of the Maritimes called?


What where the pros and cons for Canada East joining confederation in 1867?

A pro for Canada East joining confederation in 1867 was that their distinct culture would be recognized.

What was the join or die cartoon related to?

It was a Ben Franklin generated political cartoon. It was basically a snake divided into 13 sections representing the 13 American colonies. The join or die referred to all the colonies joining together to create a confederation. The confederation colonies would be stronger economically and militarily than any colony standing alone.

What were the pros and cons for Ontario in joining the Confederation?

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Pros and cons of Manitoba joining confederation?


What were the cons for new brunswick joining confederation?


What was British Columbia condition for joining Confederation?

British Columbia wanted a wagon route to the head of Lake Superior (in essence, a transport link to the rest of Canada) as a condition of confederation. The condition was agreed and improved: a railroad would be built instead.

Who is the Confederation Congress?

a joining of several groups for a common purpose

What were the pros and cons for Newfoundland joining the Confederation?

because they sucked

What are the advantages of any group of the colonies joining Confederation?

The faith of hope giving and respect of forgiveness and unfaithfulness of living or being killed under your non noing safety of your friends family and loved ones....

Why did north west territories join confederation?

The Northwest Territories joined Confederation because they felt like joining.

What was the outcome of Prince Edward Island joining Confederation?

The outcome of Prince Edward Island's joining of the Canadian Confederation was that its major financial issues were solved. They also began to receive government services from Canada.

When did Manitoba join confederation in Canada?

Manitoba was Canada's fifth official province, joining Confederation on July 15th, 1870.

Who were the key people involved in British Columbia in joining the Confederation.?

Figures from the Confederation League were essential for the movement of British Colombia joining the Canadian Confederation. These figures include Amor de Cosmos, John Robson, and Robert Beaven. British Columbia joined the Confederation on July 20, 1871. It was the sixth province to do so.

What advantages did Nova Scotia have in joining Confederation?

Because they are good by themselves

Disadvantage of why new brunswick joining confederation?

cuz they r dump

What are some advantages and disadvantages for new brunswick in joining Confederation?


What were the reasons for New Brunswick for not joining the confederation?

cats and dogs liked it

What were the pros and cons for Nova Scotia joining Confederation?

because of money

What are the cons of joining confederation?

the cons about confederation is that the people that live in the dominion of Canada get angry that they don't get paid much

What were the arguments against Ontario joining Confederation?

neow monkey pork chop