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AnswerIn the early 1870s the colony began construction of a railway, however with mounting construction debts, and under pressure from Great Britain's Colonial Office, negotiations with Canada were reinstated. In 1873, Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald, anxious to thwart American expansionism and facing the distraction of the Pacific Scandal, conceded to a request that the federal government assume the colony's railway debts, and also agreed to financing a buy-out of the last of the colony's absentee landlords to free the island of leasehold tenure. Another equally important condition was for the federal government to provide "efficient steamship service" to the mainland. Prince Edward Island entered Confederation with little fanfare on July 1, 1873.


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If PEI joining Canada than Canada would build a bridge called, "Confederation Bridge" from Canada to PEI, in order to avoid isolation.

If PEI joined Canada, Canada would also pay off the debt that PEI has.

If PEI joined Canada, they are also part of a bigger group, and therefore safer from attacks from other countries, especially from America.

If PEI joined Canada, Canada would buy off the PEI's land from the British. Because at the time of confederation, no PEI farmer owned their land, they had to pay rent to a British person called, Absentee Landlord.

If PEI didn't join Canada, they would suffer from debt, isolation and a low population.

But if PEI joined Canada, will such as small place, so far away from Ottawa, with a small population be heard by the government?

If PEI didn't join Canada, they don't have to learn french, and this can be viewed as a con or a pro.

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Q: What were the pros and cons of Prince Edward Island joining the confederation?
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What was the outcome of Prince Edward Island joining Confederation?

The outcome of Prince Edward Island's joining of the Canadian Confederation was that its major financial issues were solved. They also began to receive government services from Canada.

When did Prince Edward Island join confederation?

Prince Edward Island joined Canada on July 1, 1873

What year did prince Edward island join Canada?

Prince Edward Island joined the Confederation of Canada on July 1st 1873

What benefits ddi Prince Edward Island bring to confederation?

it brought ..

When did prince edward island join the confederation?

1 July 1873

Who was against confederation in Canada?

Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island for 6 years.

What bridge joins Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick?

the confederation bridge

Why did prince edward island not join confederation?

cause it had too much cows

What year did Prince Edward Island become a province?

Prince Edward Island joined Confederation and became a province on July 1, 1873. It is the seventh province to join Canada.

What is the name of the Bridge that connects Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick?

confederation bridge

What two provinces does Confederation Bridge connect?

The Confederation bridge in Canada connects the provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

What is the border for prince edward island?

Prince Edward Island is an island - it doesn't have a border.

Why was the confederation bridge built?

The Confederation Bridge was built to provide reliable road transportation between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

What is the French name for Prince Edward Island?

The French name for Prince Edward Island is Île-du-Prince-Édouard. That literally translates into Island of Prince Edward.

Confedertionbridge when it was it built?

Confederation Bridge in Prince Edward Island in Canada was completed on June 28th 1997

Where does the confederation bridge start?

it starts in new brunswick and goes to prince edward island. 12 kilometers

Which province is an island in Canada?

It is Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. It is mostly Prince Edward Island.

What is prince edward island capital?

Prince Edward Island's capital is Charlottetown.

What is the abbreviation for prince edward island?

the abbreviation for Prince Edward Island is P.E.I.

The population of Prince Edward's Island?

the population of prince edward island is 141,551

Are there caves in Prince Edward Island?

Prince Edward Island has no known caves.

Who was Prince Edward Island named after?

Prince Edward

Which province in Canada is an island?

Prince Edward Island is the province that's an island.Prince Edward Island

Is Prince Edward island a province or a territory?

Prince Edward Island is a province of Canada.

What province is prince edward island in?

Prince Edward Island is a province unto itself