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-they had many alliances

-reputation of a strong country

-land could be gained


-loss of military strength

-loss of money


-would make a distraction for more important problems on our country.


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Q: What were the pros and cons of the US entering World War 1?
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It depends on how you put it into perspective; most people would say there are no Pros to war. Cons: A lot of lives lost, Expenses, Debt, The possibility of losing the war Pros: International Support, Military Gain, Economic Gain, Land Occupation Gain Many People have their own personal opinion on the Pros and Cons; its just how you see it. I am trying very hard to think of any Pros for a World War: Cons: Masses of human misery & stuff like that....

Pros and cons of the civil war?

Pros are the that the country stayed together. The cons are that a lot of people died in the fighting.

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The pros for the United States joining World War 1 include the reputation of a strong country,they had many alliances, and political gain on the world system. The cons of them joining the war include death, great casualties, and the loss of military strength.

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why shouldn't the USA get involved into any more wars after WWI?

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people died.

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Cons: Very short life span. Chance of being shot down in flames Pros: No more poison gas attacks, no more living in trenches.

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Pros: acquisition of territory, resources and an exit to the Pacific Ocean.Cons: war was sponsored by slave owners; slavery question ended up in the American Civil War.

What were three weapons used in world war 1 what are the pros and cons of each?

Poison GasSubmarine Sopwith Camel and Fokker

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penicillin proved effective against diseases like syphilis,and saved many people in world war II

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some of the pros is that they won the war and their rifles were good qualities. and thier commander was George Washington.

What are some of the pros and cons of the alliance systems in World War 1?

One pro would be that they made larger fighting groups. (Army, Navy, ect.)

What are the pros and cons of war?

The pros and cons of war are difficult. One pro is that war can strengthen an economy by providing jobs and stimulating the market, also winning a war can prevent many unwanted things from happening, ie the Allies defeated Hitler and stopped a genocide. The cons include death and destruction. Wars are fought for a number of reason, whether it is because of political tension, resource control, or religious reasons people die, lives are ruined and one side always loses. The pros of a wars very rarely out weight the cons.

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Pros: -Heavy industry (improve standard of living for citizens) - Ability to fight (helped when World War II came around) Cons: - People starved either through refusing to hand over their crops or having no food (food was being sold to foreign markets)