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What were the reasons for the Russian Revolution?


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April 08, 2010 8:20AM

The reasons for the Russian Revolution were many, but the major ones were:

The Russian people, especially the soldiers in the army, wanted an end to the country's involvement in World War I. They were angry about the losses the Russian Army was experiencing in its fighting against Germany and the Central Powers. The military leadership was incompetent. The equipment was unsuited to a modern war. Supplies for the troops were not being adequately were

not being adequately provided. The casualties in the fighting were enormous. There seemed to be no reason to carry on a war that Russia had no chance of winning.

The people in the Russian cities were disgruntled over constant shortages of food and consumer products. Such items were either simply not being produced or were not being adequately transported to the cities.

Peasant farmers were working land that belonged to wealthy owners and they wanted these lands taken from the owners and given to them.

The Tsarist regime was reactionary and repressive and became unpopular, even hated, by the majority of Russians. New ideas of socialism and communism turned the Russian people away from acceptance of the autocratic rule of a Tsar and in favor of democratic government.

The effect of the above factors was that the people wanted a change in the way the government operated and a military force that became unwilling to protect that government.