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so we could not get killed so we could not get killed

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Q: What were the reasons the United States should not join World War 1?
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What are some reasons why the United States got involved in World War 1?

The united states became involved because a they had a treaty.

Why do the United States and Canada continue to attract today?

The developed democracy and the first world economy are some of the reasons that the United States and Canada continue to attract today.

After World War 2 Winston churchill argued that the united nations should be?

After World War II, Winston Churchill argued that the United Nations should be controlled by the United States government. He felt at that time that the United States was at the peak of their power.

Is this sentence grammatically correct The United States are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and interesting countries of the world?

No. The verb should be the singular 'is', because the 'united states' is a contraction of the United States of America, a singular.

For what reasons did the United States remain neutral for the beginning of the World War I?

because there was no immediate cause for the u.s to enter the war.

What factors brought United States into the World War 2?

One Of The Reasons The Americans Got Involved Was That They Were Attacked By The Japs

What are some of the reason that united states was settled by immigrants from all over the world what are some reason people migrate to the united states today?

The United States is nicknamed "The Melting Pot" and "The Promise Land" because immigrants had religious freedom here. Everyday, people from all over the world migrate to the United States because of better paying jobs, religious freedom and other reasons.

Should have the United States become involved with world war 2?

America did get involved

Should the US limit where immigrants come from?

The United States should not limit immigrants on the basis of country of origin. In support of human rights, the United States should welcome citizens seeking asylum from all over the world. The United States should encourage skilled and professional immigrants who are likely to boost the nation's economy.

What were the reasons the US got into ww1?

The sinking of the Lusitania ship was one of the reason as to why the United States got into World War 1.

Did the United States enter World War I because of Wilson's new manifest destiny?

Wilson did use that term to indicate that the United States had an obligation to lead the free world, ie., democratic governments. But that goal was only a part of the reasons for the US entry into World War 1.

3 reasons why United States was not prepared for war with Axis Forces in World War 2?

The United States was slow to prepare for war (prior to 1941) because: 1. The United States was a neutral country. 2. The United States was generally 'isolationist' in outlook towards the rest of the world. 3. The United States was across the Atlantic Ocean from the war in Europe, and on the other side of the Pacific Ocean from the war in China. That led to the commonly held belief that those wars would not reach the United States, or they were not a real threat.

Who is stronger United States or Mexico?

United States has the strongest military in the world.

When was World Socialist Party of the United States created?

World Socialist Party of the United States was created in 1916.

Why did the united states declare war on great britain in 1812?

One of the biggest reasons that the United States declared war on Great Britain in 1812 is because the British navy was attacking and capturing supply ships to the New World.

Why did people move from the United States of America?

People move from the United States from earlier times due to World World II. They began fleeing becasue of post WWII, and further reasons would be becasue of political stand points, religious views, and money oppritunities.

Who was the leading nation during World War 2?

the United States the United States

What side was the United States in World War 1?

The United States was on the Allies side.

Which country provides the GPS system for the world?

The United States of America

What was one reason the United states dominated the world economy?

What was one reason the United states dominated the world economy

Is the United States the most polluted country in the world?

No. The United States is the second most polluted country in the world.The top 5 polluted countries in the world, according to United Nations figures, are:ChinaUnited StatesRussiaIndiaJapan

Should the US have know this atact was going to happen and why?

should the united states have known that the world trates center was going to get atacted

Where is Hollywood in the world?

In the United States.

How did the United States become important in world affairs?

The United States was drawn into international conflicts.

What country has the most miles of railroad track in the world?

United States