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What were the requirements for being awarded a Silver Star?

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Bring up this website and scroll down to the Silver Star, it will give you the requirements. Title 10, United States Code § 3746. Silver star: award The President may award a silver star of appropriate design,with ribbons and appurtenances, to a person who, while serving in any capacity with the Army, is cited for gallantry in action that does not warrant a Medal of Honor or distinguished service cross- (1) while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States; (2) while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force; or (3) while serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party.

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Can a Silver Star be awarded with a 'V' as in 'received a Silver Star with V'?

No, a Silver Star is only awarded under such cicumstances that "valor" is apparaent, thus no V insignia is added, however the Bronze Star can be awarded with or without a V.

How many Silver Stars were awarded in World War 2?

Approximately 50,000 Silver Star Medals were awarded in WWII.

Was Scott Rutter awarded a silver star?


How many Silver Star have been awarded?

Unfortunately, the Department of Defense does not keep extensive records of Silver Star awards, however independent groups estimate that between 100,000 and 150,000 Silver Stars have been awarded.

How do I get my father's silver star never awarded?

If he was never awarded it, they didn't think he deserved it. Therefor you cannot get it for him.

When is the Silver Star awarded to American servicemen?

The Silver Star that is awarded to American servicemen is awarded by the United Sates in instances of bravery in military combat. The award can be given while acting against the enemy or with service of a friendly foreign troop.

What is the Silver Star and why is it awarded?

The Silver Star is the third highest military decoration that can be awarded to a member of the United States Armed Forces for valor against the enemy. The Distinguished Cross awards and the Medal of Honor are higher.

Is the silver star awarded for so many parachute jumps?

The Silver Star Medal was awarded for bravery and not for parachute jumps. However, the paratrooper wears special Wings badge on his uniform. After several jumps he could wear a Star above his paratrooper wings. Different star.

Was Robert Wallace Graham awarded a Silver star in World War 2?

Please provide me with the name of the unit Robert W. Graham was a member of. If I have that unit's history, it will have the facts as per his Silver Star Medal & the circumstances surrounding it being awarded to Mr. Graham. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

What Medal was Nathaniel Quentin awarded during World War 2?

Silver Star

What does a small silver star on a World War 2 ribbon mean?

It was awarded for Gallentry in Action.

Bronze and Silver Star medals awarded to USS Canon PG-90?

Three Silver Stars and 5 Bronze stars were awarded to crew members ofthe Canon during the Vietnamese Conflict.

What is the silver star awarded for?

Usually gallantry, or some other such act. They don't just hand out silver stars like they do other medals.

Was William Hall awarded a Silver Star?

Check the National Archives. You'll find a link below.

How do you find a list of Silver Star winners for World War I?

The Silver Star was not awarded in World War 1. There was what was called a Citation Star given out in that era (beginning in 1918). Check the National Archives. A link can be found below.

Was lee Marvin awarded a silver star?

No, the highest decoration Marvin was awarded was the Purple Heart for wounds received June 18, 1944 during the Battle of Saipan.

Mary Roberts awarded the silver star medal?

One of four female nurses of WW2 to earn the medal.

Who was a French Army Officer that was awarded the US Silver Star Medal?

Jacques-Philippe Leclerc de Hautecloque.

Why is the bronze star awarded?

The Bronze Star is usually awarded for valor in battle.

What President was awarded the Silver Star in 1942?

Lyndon B. Johnson. MacArthur awarded LBJ the Silver Star, the military's third-highest medal, although it is notable that no other members of the flight crew were awarded medals. And it is unclear what Johnson could have done in his role purely as an "observer" to deserve the medal, even if his aircraft had seen combat. A link can be found below.

Why stars are silver?

Some are bronze, like the bronze star. It is called a silver star, in fact it is bronze with a silver star of smaller size inside the larger star. I got to see one when I went to the awarding for a guy in my unit. You can see what they look like by doing an image search in Google. The Silver Star is the third highest metal for Valor in the United Stats military. the ranking of metals awarded for Valor (Army, navy and Air force have different Crosses) are as listed below Metal of Honor Distinguished Service Cross (Army) Silver Star Bronze Star with V for Valor Bronze Stars can also be awarded for service but they do not have the V device for valor

What is the first oak leaf cluster to the silver star?

Oak leaf clusters indicate subsequent awards of that same medal. The 1st OLC to a Silver Star indicates the second time that medal has been awarded.

Was Silver Star awarded to Randall Scott Fletcher?

Ask to see his discharge papers. If it's not documented, then no he didn't receive it.

Was Gene Limbaugh awarded silver star Gulf War?

Try the American War Library. They might be able to help.

Was there money awarded with the silver star in World War 2?

The only award that has a monetary compensation attached to it is the Medal of Honor.