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SS was actually partially a political ideology of the "National Socialists Workers Party", and partially a racist, xenophobic society. One had to not only be "white", but also have characteristics of Aryan genetics, included but not limited to: blue eyes, narrow nose, usually blonde and usually taller than most. Hitler considered them to be of the "master race" and truly believed that Arians were far superior to everyone else. In the beginning, be able to prove true German ancestory, be in peak physical condition (even having a filling in a single tooth could disqualify a Kandidat), and pass the grueling and rigorous training (SS recruits had to dig a foxhole and get in it before a tank ran them over). Later in the war, the requirements were slackened due to issues filling the ranks.

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Q: What were the requirements to get into Hitler's SS?
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What does the SS army of Hitlers stand for?

It stands for Schutzstaffel.

What was the name of Hitlers black uniformed soldiers?


What is the name of adolf hitlers personal guard?

The 1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler .

What insignia did Adolf Hitlers SS have on their hats?

A skull and crossed bones.

What is the difference between the luftwaffe the SS and gestapo?

The Luftwaffe was the German AirForce. The SS was the bodyguards of Hitler their branch Waffen-SS was the SS armed wing. The Gestapo was Hitlers secret police

Who dictated Hitlers secret army?

The SS was under the command of Heinrich Himmler.

Acronym for hitlers elite security force?

The Security Force was called the SS.

What has the author Bernd Wegner written?

Bernd Wegner has written: 'Hitlers politische Soldaten, die Waffen-SS 1933-1945' -- subject(s): Waffen-SS 'Hitlers politische Soldaten' -- subject(s): Waffenschutzstaffel

What were Hitlers body guards called?

The Wafen-SS was Hitler's personal bodyguard regiment.

What is the Nazi stormtroopers?

The nazi stormtroopers was a way to refer to the SA/the brownshirts. Or the Schusztaffel or SS. The Brownshirts/SA, and the SS battled at the beginning of the war on who was to be hitlers body gaurd. The SS won.

Who was the director of Hitlers SS?

Heinrich Himmler was the commander of the SS.In descending order:Heinrich HimmlerReinhard HeydrichErnst KaltenbrunnerHeinrich Mueller

Who was the commander of the SS and head of the death camps?

Sources say that Hirich Himmler was in charge of th e SS. The SS was said to be in control of death camps and Hitlers personal body gaurd.

Who shot Adolf hitlers dog?

Blondi was given a cyanide capsule and her pups were shot by a guard from the SS outside the bunker in Berlin .

Where can you find the names of hitlers ss troops?

Answer The SS is an abbreviation for Schutz Staffeln. The Waffen-SS was a military arm of the SS and were highly trained and equpped. Names of Ranks of Waffen-SS Schütze Oberschütze Sturmann Rottenführer Unterscharführer Scharführer Standartenjunker Oberscharführer Hauptscharführer Standarten-Oberjunker Sturmscharführer Untersturmführer Obersturmführer Hauptsturmführer Sturmbannführer Obersturmbannführer Standartenführer Oberführer Brigadeführer Gruppenführer Obergruppenführer Oberstgruppenführer Reichsführer

Which were the most lethal armies to march on Europe?

Julius ceacer's tenth legion, Napolean bonapart's 9th imperial guard and Adolf hitlers waffen ss.

Who were some of Hitlers top advisor's?

Joseph Goebbels, Minister of propaganda; Rudolph Hess, Hitler's Deputy in the Nazi Party; and Heinrich Himmler, head of the Schutzstaffel (SS).

What was Hitlers special police force?

The SS were his special police force but needed certain qualities to become one one was 6 ft tall and purebred German.

In the Holocaust Were all SS bad?

Personally i think that in the second world war, every soldier of every nation were all doing the same thing! Doing what they were told! The Schutzstaffel (SS) were good at being told what to do. The SS were basically Hitlers body guards and the elite squad of the Wehrmacht, similar to the British Royal Marines! Hope this helps!

Who is hitlers dad?

Hitlers father was Alois Hitler.

What was the name of the Protective Squad that began as a special guard for Adolph and what was their role?

sturmabteilung (also known as brown shirts). later the SS took over Hitlers body guard duties........

What were 'Hitlers' aims for Germany?

go rbms

When was Hitlers Bombe created?

Hitlers Bombe was created in 2005.

What was Paula Hitlers Nickname?

I Think It Was Hitlers Bloody Mess.

What was Hitlers government called?

Hitlers government was called the Third Reich