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The end result was the Final Solution, also called the Holocaust.

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Was the Nazi party always antisemitic?

Yes. The Nazi Party (NSDAP) and its forerunner, the German Workers' Party were rabidly antisemitic from the start.

How many and what were the Nuremberg Laws?

The Nuremberg Laws were antisemitic laws in Nazi Germany introduced in 1935 at the annual Nuremberg Rally of the Nazi Party.

Was Rudyard Kipling antisemitic?

Most likely not. Rudyard Kipling used a swastika on the first editions of his books, but this was before the Nazi party adopted the swastika. He used the swastika because it was the symbol of good luck. Before the Nazi party came to power he had the engraver remove it from the printing block. He did not want it to seem like he was supporting them. Hence he was probably not antisemitic or a Nazi sympathizer.

What is an example sentence of an antisemitic?

Your antisemitic comments are unappreciated.

What does the word antisemitic mean?

antisemitic - anti-Jewish (in a racial sense)

What were some of the policies and ideas of Germany?

nazi party, and the treaty of Versailles

What was the Nazi program that became known as the Holocaust?

There was no Nazi programme. The Holocaust developed from party policies and conditions brought up from the war.

What was the Nazi party's policies?


Did all Nazi agree with the policies of the Nazi party?

This question can be answered with a question asked back; do you agree with everything your government does, including all of its policies? The answer is of course no. The NSDAP (Nazi Party) had many policies that even supporters had strongly disagreed with. An example can be found with the Wehrmacht (Armed Forces of Nazi Germany). Many German generals strongly opposed the actions of the NSDAP and even the SS, including policies of extermination. Although, it should be noted that while there were indeed disagreements, it was an era in history that proved that if you were defiant, you were persecuted or killed. simple answer : NO !

How did Hitler persuade the Germans to exterminate the Jews?

There's misunderstanding here. The German people were not told about the killings and many Germans had only a vague inkling, if that, that the Jews were being exterminated. Moreover, the antisemitic policies of the Nazi regime were not even particularly popular among most Germans. This was one of the main reasons that the extermination of the Jews and others was carried out in secret.

How did the Nazis become antisemitic?

The NSDAP and its forerunner, the DAP (founded in January 1919) were rabidly antisemitic from the outset.

Who spread pro-Nazi policies and ideas?

Goebbels was the Minister of Propaganda, whose job it was to disseminate the Nazi message, but many party members felt it was their duty to convert others to the Nazi doctrine.

What was one reason the Nazi programs and policies of the early 1930s appealed to the people of Germany?

One reason that the Nazi programs and policies appealed to the people of Germany was that they were frustrated with the state of their current government. The people were also unhappy about the current economic situation.

Was Henry Ford antisemitic?

Ford was widely known for being the publisher of antisemitic texts such as the book The International Jew.

Who were the political prisoners of the Holocaust?

Political prisoners were opponents of the Nazi régime, such as Communists, Social Democrats, liberals and people who objected to Nazi policies and actions on grounds of conscience.

Was Walt Disney antisemitic?

Walt Disney was rumoured to be antisemitic during his lifetime, and rumours have persisted even after his death. Walt never confessed that he actually was antisemitic, although in the 1930s he welcomed German filmmaker and Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl to Hollywood. It was because Walt allied himself with others that were antisemitic, that people soon started to talk and make accusations which then stuck with his reputation. Even after he distanced himself with certain organizations involving antisemitic's, rumours continued. Coworkers and friends admitted Walt had trouble with some Jewish individuals, and that ethnic stereotypes common to films of the 1930s were included in some of his early cartoons such as The Three Little Pigs. So no, there has never actually been any proof that Walt Disney is antisemitic.

How did the Nazi policies help Hitler to become chancellor in 1933?

because most of the nazis policies showed ways in which they could solve the issues germany had in the time of the depression

What were the results of the fighting at El Alamein?

This battle ended the Nazi advance in North Africa.

Can Nazi control over education be justified?

No, Nazi control over education or anything can not be justified based on truth, morality, results, effectiveness, efficiency, etc.

What were the origins of the Nazi Party?

The Nazi Party originate in Germany in 1919 and was first known as the German Worker's Party. It was known for promoting German nationalism and anti-Semitism through its totalitarian policies.

Had Hitler not have been antisemitic and the top Jewish scientists like Einstein and Oppenheimer not of fleed Nazi Germany would the outcome of World War 2 have been any different?

(On a point of information, J. Robert Oppenheimer was born in the US in 1904, his parents having emigrated from Germany to America in 1888. He was not a refugee from Nazi Germany).

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