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What were the results of the Civil War on southern society economy agriculture and political structure?"

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What was the economy southern states based on?

The economy of the southern states was based on agriculture.

Was the economy of the Middle Colonies characterized by plantation agriculture?

The economy of the Middle Colonies was not characterized by plantation agriculture. The Southern Colonies had an economy based on plantation agriculture.

What were two industries in the southern economy?

agriculture and indigo

What was the southern colonies economy?

The Southern Colonies' economy relied heavily on slave work and agriculture, typically the production of cotton.

What were the economies of the northern southern and western states based?

Northern was the economy based on manufacturing, southern was the economy based on agriculture, and western is emerging economy

What did the Southern Colonies base their economy on?


The southern colonies developed an economy based on?

C. Agriculture

How was the economy in the Southern Colonies?

The southern American colonies had an economy based on agriculture. The climate and soil of the southern colonies were ideal for growing cotton and tobacco.

What was the economy of southern colonies based on?

Agriculture more specifically Cotton

What way of life did the southern colonies have?

The economy was very dependent on agriculture.

Why did the agriculture become the main focus of the economy in the southern colonies?


Why were there more farmers in the southern colonies than in the nouthern colonies?

The southern economy was based on agriculture, while the northern economy was based on industry.

The economy of the southern colonies was dependent on what?

Slavery, labor, agriculture.

How did the economy of southern Colonies depend on Slavery?

Slaves were necessary for the Southern economy, and they were viewed as a necessary evil. Agriculture was the staple of the southern economy and without the slaves, the land wouldn't have been worked as fast. The slaves allowed for quick and mass production, which boosted the southern economy

Describe the economy in the southern colonies?

The economy of the Southern Colonies was heavily based on agriculture, especially their cotton production. This business was also heavily based on slavery.

How did George Washington Carver save the southern economy?

George Washington Carver saved the southern economy through agriculture. His promotion of peanuts as a cash crop for farmers, helped save the economy.

Why was agriculture so important to the economy of the Southern Colonies?

many of their crops were successful , and also their economy started to do well too.

Which is the best description of the southern economy in the mid-1850s?

an agriculture economy overly dependent on cotton and slave labor.

What was the economy of the Southern US States based on?

The economy of the US Southern States was based on agriculture. Cotton and tobacco were the main crops for decades, including colonial America to the present.

The economy of the Southern Colonies was?

The Southern Colonies were of an agrarian economy, so they worked in agriculture, which called for plantations for the crops and the slaves to work on the crops. This became so deeply rooted that this is why the Southern Colonies that were soon to be the Southern States wished for slavery to be legal in the US.

Why was agriculture so important to the southern colonies?

Agriculture became the main focus in the Southern Colonies' economy because without agriculture they wouldn't have their cash crops like indigo,rice,and tobacco.They then wouldn't have food to eat or sell so they wouldn't get money.

What was One of the arguments used by southern slave holders to justify the institution of slavery?

It was critical for Southampton agriculture economy

Was the roman economy based on agriculture or taxation?

Roman economy was mostly based on agriculture and trade

How much percent of economy of Pakistan depends on agriculture?

70% of pakistan economy depends on agriculture

During the civil war did the southern economy become devastated?

The South (The Confederacy) was primarily an economy based on agriculture, which was hardput to finance a war. Further, the Union conducted a naval blockade of southern ports, preventing needed supplies from getting in.