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THE RESULT: The Enlightenment was the start of democracy and also the start of science in this world. It is the root of the technical and scientific world we see today. It was a contributing factor in the American and French Revolutions. Enlightenment thinking reflected in the U. S. Declaration of Independence. European thought became centered on the belief in reason, science, individual rights, and the progress of civilization.

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Q: What were the results of the enlightenment?
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What are some direct results from ideals central to the Enlightenment?

The American Revolution

How were European peasants affected during the Enlightenment?

One of the biggest results was the movement towards secularism. As Enlightenment thinkers such as Voltaire began to question the authority of the Church, so too did ordinary citizens

Why was the enlightenment called the enlightenment'?

because that when thinker saw enlightenment in the way they think

What were the influences on the Enlightenment?

What were the influences on the Enlightenment

How did the Enlightenment affect people's attitude towards political authority?

One of the results of the Enlightenment was that people began to think for themselves. This resulted in many people questioning the absolute authority they were used to living under. People no longer believed that kings ruled by divine right.

What is an example of a sentence using the word enlightenment?

spiritual enlightenment can not be achieved easily. It takes a lot of effort.

What does Simon bolivar have to do with the Enlightenment?

he was an enlightenment thinker

A sentence with enlightenment?

To attain enlightenment is the purpose of human life. Many people have gained enlightenment. Enlightenment means different things to different people.

Another name for Enlightenment?

Another name for enlightenment is EThe Enlightenment is sometimes called the Age of Reason.

What happened when Siddhartha reached enlightenment?

after Siddhartha entered enlightenment he preached to others to follow what he did to reach enlightenment

When did the enlightenment end?

The Enlightenment ended with the death of Voltaire.

What rhymes with enlightenment?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word enlightenment.

What were economic ideas of the enlightenment?

what were economic ideas of the enlightenment

Who exemplified the enlightenment?

Benjamin Franklin exemplified the Enlightenment.

Was Thomas hobbes for enlightenment or against it?

Thomas was for enlightenment

Should enlightenment be capitalized?

If you are referring to the Age of Enlightenment, then in does

What did the governments and churches do during the enlightenment?

During the enlightenment governments and churches tried to stop spread enlightenment ideas

What is Siddhartha's messege about the journey to enlightenment and reaching enlightenment?

Enlightenment will come to you when you least expect it, if your heart is truly ready.

How did the enlightenment effect the colonies?


What is the Hindu term for Enlightenment?

Another name for enlightenment is Moksha.

What is the ISBN of Dialectic of Enlightenment?

The ISBN of Dialectic of Enlightenment is 0804736332.

Who was the enlightenment started by?

The Buddhist enlightenment was started by Siddhartha, a prince.

When was The Path of Enlightenment created?

The Path of Enlightenment was created in 1977.

What came first the Renaissance or the enlightenment?

Enlightenment is the path to Renaissance.

What developments was a consequence of the enlightenment?

Which of the following developments was a consequence of the enlightenment

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