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Q: What were the role of priests in Sumeria?
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In early Sumeria kings seem to have functioned mainly as figureheads for the what?

the priests.

What role did priests play in brahmanism?

priests claimed that carrying out precise rituals was what they did

What was the role of the Mayan priests in government how did these priests use these stars and sky?

by the astecas

Did Sumerians have doctors?

The priests of Sumeria were the first doctors. They studied plants and used them in oils and ointments. They did believe in washing wounds. They did study anatomy.

What was the role of priests in sumerian civilization?

communicate with gods

The jesuit priests played a vital role in new france because?

The Jesuit priests played a vital role in new France because of the exploration and work as geographers.

What is the role of the Inca priests and doctors?

Because they liked cheese

What is the role of parish priests?

The role of a parish priest is to represent the bishop, and represent him to the local parish.

When did the sumeria end?

The ancient civilization of Sumeria, lasted from about 3500 B.C., to about 2000 B.C.

Who were Sumerian priests?

Sumerian Priests were always in the 1st or highest social class making them very rich and wealthy. Priests had the role of communicating to the gods and bringing them the offerings of sumerian citizens.

Was Sumeria Hierarchical or Egalitarian?


What rhymes with plumeria?


Where was the cuneiform used?


What is the role of a vicar?

A vicar is the name given to the priests in the Church of England or Anglican denomination. Both men and women are allowed to be Anglican priests.

What was the role of priests im Aztec society?

Aztec priests performed the sacrifices to the sun god, by ripping out a persons heart. that or they were sex slaves.

What was the role of Mayan priests in government?

They were to report abuse and assist the halach uinic

Who played an important role in the spread of Spanish settlements throughout the US?


Which social classes existed in Sumeria?

Social Classes: - Upper class contained nobles, priests, government officials and warriors. - Merchants, traders and artisans made up a Middle or "Freeman" Class. - Slavery

Who was sumeria conquered by?

The only person to completely unify Sumeria was Sargon the Great from Akkad (northern mesopotamia). The only person to completely unify Sumeria was Sargon the Great from Akkad (northern mesopotamia).

What was city-state in Mesopotamia?


What role did top Roman officials play?

Roman government also served as priests

What role did the sorcerer-priests play in the development of Chinese music?

your mom was thier your mum

What did priests do in ancient egypt?

The priests in ancient Egypt had their main role defined as taking care of gods and goddesses. They were not given any responsibility of caring for people.

WHere is Sumeria located?

Sumeria is part of the old Mesopotamian village that lived during 2,000 BC which is now present day Iraq.

What role did priests play in sumerian society?

They took all the important decisions and ruled the place.