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Colonial schools were very harsh. They did not treat the children well. Teachers could not marry

William Stephens was the president of colonial Georgia

Savannah was the capital city of Colonial Georgia.

this is when colonial in Georgia settletde this is when colonial in Georgia settletde

they were made of wood. just like all the other houses but it was easy for them to catch fire because the house was made of wood and the chimney was made of wood

Colonial schools were used primarily for education.

there was only one room, one teacher.

The main exports of colonial Georgia were tobacco and sugar cane.

See related links below for colonial Georgia maps.

The land in Georgia in colonial times, is similar to the land in Georgia now

very good, perfect... I mean it was great

Approximately 2500 people resided in colonial Georgia.

Yes, Georgia traded with the Indians in Colonial times.

Colonial Georgia was in the southern colony. Right under South Carolina.

no because they didn't have money or schools

Georgia had multiple plantations.

Some schools decided to have uniforms

The only two Division 1-A football schools in Georgia are Georgia and Georgia Tech. There are two D1-AA schools: Georgia Southern and Savannah State.

lots of kool things like treehouses!

The soil of The Colony of Geargia was ery berry fresh

The first houses in Colonial Georgia were two room homes. They had one level. The rooms in the house were the parlor, and the hall. Later homes had four rooms, and two stories.

The colonial people in Georgia were people from England who wanted a better life than what they had in England.

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