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The firing of General MacArthur by Pres. Truman was stupid and irresponsible. General MacArthur wanted to bomb Red China in to oblivion with nuclear bombs at that time. Red China did not have a nuclear capability at that time. It does now and is the world's largest exporter of illegal drugs in the world according to the IC&E. A large portion of these Red Chinese drugs are smuggled into the U. S. to destroy American lives. The money from this illegal "trade" is used to fuel the massive Red Chinese military machine. Had Pres. Truman not fired the General, Red China would never have become the power that it is today. At that time Red China joined North Korea in attacking South Korea and the defending American forces. At first the Americans and South Koreans were overwhelmed by the massive numbers of Chinese troops. Had the U. S. knocked out the Red Chinese with nuclear weapons right then and there, then we wouldn't have the Red Chinese giving us so much problems today. The U. S. Congress should have impeached Truman before he had a chance to fire MacArthur. Russia would never have dared to attack the U. S. to defend their ally, the Red Chinese. They knew at that time that their country, Russia, would be utterly destroyed by us in a nuclear exchange. That is why Kennedy was able to stand up to Kruschev during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. The Russians knew that they would be utterly destroyed by the U. S. in a nuclear exchange. Today, Russia, North Korea, and Red China are supplying Iran with nuclear know how and missile technology. A lot of what we know is happening in Iran is unknown, because a lot of the labs, and nuclear development is being conducted under massive under ground bunkers, that even block buster bombs would have a hard time knocking out. Nuclear missiles would be the best weapons to blow up these bunkers. We should let Israel defend itself by letting it attack Iran's nuclear facilities. We also should conduct a surgical strike against North Korea's nuclear facilities, before they really launch a missile against the U. S. Why are we so chicken livered that we are so afraid to defend our freedom?

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Q: What were the short- and long-term effects of the Korean War?
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