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Q: What were the similarities and differences between Germany and Japan before World War 2?
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What are the differences and similarities between fiction and drama?

A difference between fiction and drama is themanner in which they are used, pluswhen and where.Fiction is a solo experience, a relationship between the author and the reader. Drama is intended to be performed before an audience, either live or recorded.

What the similarities and differences between the primary curves and secondary curves of the spinal column?

The primary curve was formed before birth but the secondary curve was formed after birth. Thats basically the difference between the two. hope that helps

What is the same between cricket and baseball?

There are several similarities; they are both bat and ball games, both games have innings. Most of the differences stem from, in cricket, the ball bounces before it reaches the batter.

What are the similarities or differences between the foreign-born population who came into the US before 1970 and 1990?

The number of foreign-born population who became naturalized citizens has declined by about 65 percent.

What are the differences between tobacco and cannabis?

There are so many differences between the two it would be easier to answer "what are the similarities". Marijuana is not a toxic plant, but tobacco on the other hand is already toxic before the processing adds even more toxins to it. The biggest difference: tobacco CAUSES cancer, marijuana CURES cancer.

What are the differences in Buddhist teaching and the teachings of Jesus Christ?

Maybe the question should be....what are the similarities between Jesus Christ's teaachings and those of the Buddah?The similarities have been addressed many times before. What I want to know is what exactly are the major differences are. For example, how do the two teaching differ in their understanding of our relationship with a Higher Power and how do they differ in understanding what comes next after we die?

What is the differences between India and Singapore?

* Similarities-they are both in the South,same transportation, they are both in Asia,Indian people live in both of the countries,and festivals. * Differences- food, flag, not same climate or capital,time difference: 2hrs and India is before, religions, celebrations and the looks.

What is the differences between a and an?

An goes before vowel sounds A goes before constant sounds.

Differences between preposition to and preposition for?

TO and FOR express the order. TO goes before a verb, and FOR before a noun.

Similarities between the declaration and constitution?

They both were written before the first president was elected

What are the differences between 70s and 80s ribosome?

before they were small now they are bigger

What was the relationship between U.S.S.R and Germany before World War 2?

There was an agreement between Hitler and Stalin that Germany would not invade Russia.

What happened in Germany in 1989?

Before 1989 Germany was split into East and West Germany. In 1989 the border between the two was dissolved and Germany became reunified.

What are the similarities between painting and writing?

Well first you need to learn how to write before you can ask that question.

What differences are between the Hebrew music before and after their slavery in Egypt?

There are no records of any Hebrew music before slavery in Egypt.

What are the differences between pre-indexing and post-indexing?

pre is before post is after

What are the characteristic differences between Rhombus?

You need two things before you can discuss difference between them!You need two things before you can discuss difference between them!You need two things before you can discuss difference between them!You need two things before you can discuss difference between them!

What are some differences and similarities in The Wizard of Oz and the book Wicked?

Wicked is all about the explanation of why Glinda is the good witch and why Elphaba is the bad witch in the Wizard of Oz. Wicked is like a pre-quel to the Wizard of Oz.Similarities:about the same characterstakes place in Ozboth are musicalsDifferences:they are not at the same time (Wicked is what came before Wizard of Oz)

What are the differences between the Amazon and the Daintree?

Before I say the differences I just want to say that whoever asked this spelt between wrong coz they forgot to add a 'w' between t and e. The differences are that they are located in different countries and continents. The daintree is in Australia and the Amazon is in South America. They have different native animals.

What caused the tension between France and Germany before World War 1?

Germany controlled French access to the North Sea and France wanted to regain lands previously seized by Germany. also there was a disagreement between governments

What are some similarities between the colonies before and after the revolutionary war?

Reliance on Britain for manufactured goods and representaitve governmetns which opposed that of England

What differences between the north and south during slavery before the civil war?

coz the south side is awsome

What was the alliance formed before 1900 between Germany Austria and Italy?

It was called the Triple Alliance.

Was there a WM soccer final between Germany and Brasil before?

I think it was in 1974. Brazil won.

What was one major reason for tension between France and Germany before World War 1?

Germany controlled French access to the North Sea