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War is a powerful instrument of social and economic change.

When WWII began, the United States attempted to remain neutral because the country was dealing with a severe economic depression and did not want to repeat WWI. However, little did America know that the war was a powerful tool that brought about significant social and economic changes, such as the end of the Great Depression, the beginning of the Women's Movement, and the start of other race movements.

  1. Ends Great Depression
    • Sure FDR helped combat GD through his New Deal (unemploymentàpublic works projects), but WWII:
      • Promoted defense spending-more money into circulation
      • 17 million new jobs were available for people
      • Agriculture and organized labor increased
      • Per capita income increases from $573 to $1074
      • Corporate profits increase 70%
    • Because of all of this: people are spending more à no more depression
    • During GD:
      • women lost jobs gained in 1920s (b/c of WWI) and were looked down upon for working if their husband was not
      • Took lower wages
      • Low pt for womens' movement-it was low pt for anything, since everyone was depressed…
    • Even though women was granted right to vote in 19th Amendment on Aug. 26, 1920, their respect was not held. They still needed to push forward in gaining more equality.
    • WWII allowed them this change-over 200,000 women served the military:
      • Women's Army Corps, WAC packed parachutes
      • women pilots known as WASP transported aircraft and performed flying duties around the US so that more male pilots could help the war effort
      • while in the Navy, Waves operated Links trainers and inspected aircraft to help male Navy pilots take the skies
    • Helping At Home-over 6 million women took wartime jobs in factories or filling in for men on farms, 3 million women volunteered with the Red Cross
      • A woman's role had traditionally been in the home--their children, and sometimes even husbands didn't believe that they were smart enough or strong enough to hold down a real job
      • Rosie the Riveter-icon that urged women into the workplace
        • Rosie the Riveter too became the true sweetheart of all the men overseas who knew that she was the riveter, welder, drill-press operator or machinist behind each and every tank, airplane, and machine gun that saved their life
  2. Sparks the Women's Movement
    • African Americans-sparking civil right movement
      • Over 2.5 million African-American men registered for the draft
      • they experienced discrimination and segregation but met the challenge and persevered
      • Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC)-created to insure fair hiring practices in defense industries
      • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)-membership increased 0.5 mill.
    • Native Americans
      • 25,000 serve-many as codetalkers in Navajo language
      • Many move into cities and off reservations
    • Mexican-Americans
      • 200,000 serve and many move to cities for jobs
  3. Sparks other races' movements
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What social economic and political changes occurred after World War 2?

The social economic and political changes that occurred after the World War 2 is that the US, Germany and Britain redefined their foes and friends.

What changes did world war 2 have on America?

the us dollar became international after the world war 2.

What were some of the changes after World War 2?

It got us out of the depression.

What impact did World War 1 have on the US' social security?

None... Social Security (the government program) did not exist during WW1.

Social changes of the 1920s?

In the US the most notable social changes of the 1920's were that women got the vote, and alcoholic beverages were prohibited.

What social changes occurred in the US during the 1920s?

There were many social changes that occurred in the US during the 1920s. They included the emergence of the Klu Klux Klan, Prohibition, and organized crime.

What are the political economic and social consequences after world war 2 in the US?

The Cold War; the rivalry between capitalist America and communist Russia.

What changes took place in the US during world war 1?

Answer this question… people were killed and properties were destructed

How did things change after world war 1?

World War I brought about a lot of changes. It resulted in a generation of men who were psychologically scarred and emotionally bitter. It also resulted in the US participating more in world affairs. Additionally, it set the stage for World War II.

What was the impact of the results of the US Civil War on the nineteenth century?

Without question, the results of the US Civil War, was charged with significance. The defeat of the Confederacy would trigger enormous changes in the social structure, the issue of slavery itself, and change how a power in the world arena, the US, would be changed. It was the launching pad of a nation that before that war was a curious anomaly, not ruled by a king or an all powerful emperor, as was Napoleon.

Why did the US engage in imperialism during World War 1?

The US engaged in imperialism during World War 1 to secure a position as one of the greatest powers in Europe. This would ensure lasting economic and social stability for its citizens.

What was the social influence of the US during World War 2?

The social community in us was mix emtions because due to what was happening in europe during ww2, it worries some us citizens because they were scared of germany invading ameria

How did the US get involed in World War 2?

Why did the US get involved with world war 2?

How did the US avoid World War 2?

The US did participate in the Second World War.

What changes did the government have after World War 2?

The US aligned themselves with the United Nations Charter. They also faced a Cold War so they had to strategize how to deal with the problem.

What was true of the US economy after World War 2?

After World War 2, the US had the strongest economy in the world.

Why did the US not get involved in world war 2?

Actually the US did get involved in World War 2.

Was the US involvement in World War I justified why or why not?

Was the US involvement in World War 1 justified why or why not?

What war is the US in?

A world war of its own.

How did World War 1 afect the US?

world war one affect the us they had get a alot of money

Who did the US help in World War I?

The US helped France in world war 1 with submarines in the Atlantic.

Who had fought the US in World War I?

Germany fought the us in world war 1

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