What were the social movements of the 1980's?

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The social movements mostly focused in finding treatment for AIDS which was discovered in the 1980's, people held rallies to pressure the government into finding a cure for AIDS. The 80's also was a time of indulsterial advancment and this caused events with employment. Also with the fall of the Soviet Union, people encouraged right wing policies, Gay rights were more accepted in the US and rallies occurred towards the actions that lead to the end of the Cold War. The last thing is that international companies moved most of their operations to foreign countries that supplied much wealth to the corperations until it stalled in the 1990's.
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The social groups that joined the non cooperation movement?

The social groups of India,that joined the non-cooperation movement of 1921 were as under : ( i )Middle-class people (students,headmasters,teachers,lawyers,etc) (ii)Political parties except the justice party of madras,the parties of non - brahmans (iii)Merchants and trders (iv)Peasants of aw ( Full Answer )

What was the social gospel movement?

The Social Gospel movement is the intersection of religion andsocial service. It applies Christian principles to social justiceissues, including poverty, inequality, crime, racism, anddestruction of the environment.

Why did the Industrial Revolution lead to the social reform movement?

People didnt like what was going on in the factories and someone needed to do something about it. . The Industrial Revoulution did not lead to social reforms. Social reforms started when a bunch of women linked alcohol to child and spouse abuse. These groups of women were very sucessful with campai ( Full Answer )

Social movements thesis writing?

To write a thesis on social movement, the topic being explored is very important. Social movements thesis writing will basically put forward a statement as a premise to be proved or maintained. \n\n\n\n\n\n

How was the social gospel movement effective?

The Social Gospel movement dealt with the day-to-day issues of theworking class. This led it to become intertwined with labormovements. It also tied in with the Progressive movement that tookthe early twentieth century by storm. The Social Gospel movement issaid to have had some influence on womenà ( Full Answer )

What are the social movements that blossomed in the 1970s?

women's liberation, environmentalism, peace movement, gay rights, indigenous rights, antinuclear movement, African-Americans joining mainstream America, American-Indian movement, Disability Rights Movement.

Social movement leaders are informal or formal?

The social movements can either be formal or informal depending with the suggestions that have been proposed. The formal movement is usually put on paper whereas the informal one is not usually put on paper.

Was realism a social movement or an artistic one?

There were separate Realism movements in both the arts as well aspolitics. Realist painters rejected Romanticism. They used naturalsettings and depicted their subjects realistically with anyelements of fancifulness removed. Social Realism was an artmovement that drew attention to the poor and downtr ( Full Answer )

What were the social changes brought about by the hippie movement?

The Hippie Movement started in San Francisco, California and spread across most of the US during the late 60s and early 70s. Unlike the Beatniks, there were no real leaders of the Hippie Movement. The Beatniks were basically an intellectual movement that rejected the norms of society. The Hippies si ( Full Answer )

What are some Examples of reactive social movements?

The Lords Resistance Amy or LRA. Lead by Joseph Kony. Meant to scare the public from trying to make social changes. It is a rebel group that kindnaps young children and forces them to fight and kill people.

How do social movements foster or inhibit change in society?

Well... what kind of movements!? You might just be to young to take such a BIG step. Because I am 80 years old and have a LOT of expirience in those kind of movements, you know? But when i started I was just 12 so dont make the mistake I did... unless you must! The movement is so FUN and bouncy! You ( Full Answer )

What is proactive social movement?

In sociology proactive social movements are initial social movements that are created in order to change society.Reactive social movements are the resistance to the proactive social movements.

What is redemptive social movement?

A redemptive social movement is a phenomenon where a society creates a movement to repent for what it perceives as earlier mistakes. The "Jesus Freak" movement of the 70's is a prime example. The Jesus movement of the 70's could be seen as atonement for the hippie movement of the 60's. The civil rig ( Full Answer )

How did the social structure of Latin American colonies contribute to the independence movements?

\nThe Latin American Colonies of Spain began their independence movements in 1810 when Napoleon conquered Spain. England moved an army to Spain to fight Napoleon. Spain called many of its solders back from Latin America to fight Napoleon. At that point the upper classes saw an opportunity to take ov ( Full Answer )

What is reformative social movements?

A reformative social movement seeks an immense change in a certain aspect of society. Examples could include movements for pro-life or pro-choice, gay rights, or civil rights.

Write an essay on social movements?

FDR's New Deal, anything on Native Americans, Asian Americans, Women's Rights Movement, the "global warming" movement, "climate change", abortion movement, gay rights movement, and such.

What was the social reform movement?

artistic movement, art movement - a group of artists who agree on general principles . Boy Scouts - an international (but decentralized) movement started in 1908 in England with the goal of teaching good citizenship to boys . Civil Rights movement - movement in the United States beginning in th ( Full Answer )

How do the social issues surrounding gay rights movement intersect with theories as why someone is gay or not?

The biggest intersection between the two involve the debate overwhether being gay is a choice or an inherent quality. Someopponents of gay rights claim that it is a choice, and therefore aperson who chooses to be gay is disrupting society. Virtually all supporters of gay rights know that being gay ( Full Answer )

Different social groups which joined the non cooperation movement?

(i) Middle class people in the towns. (ii) Plantation workers. (iii) Peasants in rural areas. (iv) Tribal people. (v) Business class people The different social groups that joined the Non-CooperationMovement of 1921 were the urban middle class comprising lawyers,teachers and headmasters, s ( Full Answer )

What is the Social Justice Movement?

Social justice: What's your is yours, and what's mine is yours. While we are all "created equal", we are not the same- and we do not evolve equally. Our talents, gifts, genetics, and life choices continue differentiate us from each other. To pretend otherwise will destroy us.

What did Social Darwinists believe and how did it shape the reform movement in America?

Social Darwinists applied Charles Darwin's theory of evolution through natural selection. They believed that the weaker members of society were as they were not because of their environment, but because they were lazy, unfit people, that wanted nothing more than to bring down the rest. During the po ( Full Answer )

How did the silver issue serve as a symbol for political and social movements in 'The Wizard of Oz'?

The silver slippers in the book and the Yellow Brick Road in the film may have symbolized the silver issue in political and social movements in "The Wizard of Oz." Specifically, the above answer assumes an interpretation of the original 1900 book edition never publicly acknowledged by author and ( Full Answer )

What social movement was the hippie movement?

A highly destructive one known as the Counterculture Movement. Contrary to the answer above the hippie movement was very peaceful and destructive was not a characteristic. Some dramatic events did occur like Kent State but Woodstock is still the record holder for the largest peaceful gathering.

Will there ever be another social movement in America?

I believe there will be another movement in the future of America that will impact us with the magnitude of the Civil Rights Movement. The fact that politics have become so complicated is a major problem in society. Eventually the people in this country will become disgusted with the government tryi ( Full Answer )

How did the social structure of Lain America colonies contribue to the independence movements?

The social structure of Latin America was hierarchical. When Napoleon conquered Spain, the various generals in Latin America started claiming territory for themselves. They would rather have the loot for themselves than send it back to Spain. This was actually quite easy. The local populations did n ( Full Answer )

What the main goal of social gospel and settlement movements?

which best describes the main goal of the social gospel and settlement movements? a.to improve living conditions for the poor. b.to strengthen political machines c.to encourage immigration d.to create jobs for the unemployed

Which artistic movement was most dedicated to fighting social injustice?

Social Realism (aka Socio-Realism) was most dedicated to fighting social injustice. This movement was the most prominent during the Great Depression in the 1930s. The Social Realism focused on the working-class, especially the poor, to highlight the appalling realities of the then contemporary life ( Full Answer )

What is the social studies definition of movement?

Movement in social studies is a term used to convey a social event or era that brought about change. For example THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT changed they way African Americans were treated.

What was not a major social issue of the 1980s'?

The making of a secret deal by Ronald Reagan with Iranians to prevent the release of hostages until Carter lost the the 1980's elections. He then illegally sold the Iranians missiles and funneled the money to the Nicaraguan Contras, his private terrorist army.

What is the women's movement for global social and economic change?

There have been many women's movements that had social and economic change as their goals. Their ultimate goal was equality for women. They began in Britain in 1903 with the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) and in the United States in 1848 with the Women's Rights Convention. By the 1970s, w ( Full Answer )